What’s the Cost of Hunter Douglas Blinds? (NAH-MERE)

When it comes to your home’s unique needs, especially when it comes to your window treatments there is a lot of information out there. With so many different window treatment brands to choose from but one of the most well-known, innovative and reputable brands is none other than Hunter Douglas.

Hunter Douglas blinds are praised for their innovative features, smart technology integration and safety but one question often posed is what is their cost. It’s always best to collaborate with a window treatment specialist to ensure all your design goals are met within your budget. Though  there is no one size fits all  solutions, each quote will factor in the elements necessary.

These elements include:

  • Window size
  • Product, fabric/material & color selection
  • Operating system selection
  • Any additional design requirements

How much do Hunter Douglas blind cost?

Since Hunter Douglas is one of the premium providers of window shades and blinds around the globe, their prices can vary depending on a variety of factors.  Prices can fluctuate based on the size of window you have, but on average you can pay anywhere from $26-36 per square foot.

For a standard size window, they can cost around $300 but if you want to go with one of their speciality blinds like light-diffusing this can add an extra cost of $50 or more.

Within their product line they offer many options to suit many home decor needs. From sheers and shadings to Honeycomb shades, Roman shades, Roller and solar shades, and even vertical blinds, their diverse range accommodate a modest budget to higher extravagant ones.

What are the benefits of Hunter Douglas blinds?

There is no doubt that the right lighting creates  an ambience in the room that can change how you view your space overall. Hunter Douglas blinds not only have a beautiful look and aesthetic that can be catered to any style but also have practical benefits and features built in that make them attractive and sets them apart from other brands.

Light control and privacy

If you are someone who values light filtration control and privacy, Hunter Douglas blinds are  fantastic choices.  Some of their blinds, like the Silhouette Window Shadings and Luminette Privacy Sheers, offer light diffusing components to help protect your furniture and flooring from damaging UV rays without compromising on the benefit of natural light.

With other shade styles and treatments from Hunter Douglas are available with a room-darkening liner to help block out light. These liners can be sewn right into the fabric or can be operated independently (depending on which product you choose).

Energy Efficient

Hunter Douglas has been an industry leader in energy saving, back in 1985 they invented a new type of shade in response to the energy crisis of the late 1970’s and have continued to innovate their blinds to help their consumers keep more money in their pockets.

Their blinds have feature air pockets within them to minimize the transfer of heat at the window in order to help regulate interior temperature all season round. What this means is that Hunter Dougas blinds can help keep homes warm in winter and cooler in the summer months.

Smart Home Automation Features

Homeowners can make their lives easier by having their window treatments move to the exact position they want on a schedule all within the palm of their hand or by using a voice command on their smart devices.

Redesigned in 2022, Hunter Douglas blinds can have an added feature of PowerView® Automation. This automation allows shades to operate independently and move when scheduled. Using an app that is compatible with Apple® and Android™ smartphones and tablets , homeowners can move their shades with a touch of finger. Whether they choose to use a pre-set or customized scene (such as moving with the sunrise or sunset), the capability to set their blind to certain positions is a definite benefit of Hunter Douglas blinds.


One of the unique benefits with Hunter Douglas blinds is their commitment to sustainability.  Their metal venetian blinds are manufactured with 98% recycled aluminum. This means that they are able to have 95% reduction in their CO2 emissions since only 5% of the energy is needed to work with recycled material.

Hunter Douglas has a long history of committing to sustainability and back in the 1940’s they made a venture and commitment to develop new technologies and equipment for the casting and fabrication of recycled aluminum.

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