What’s Different About Dekton?

The term Dekton worktop conjures a perception of futuristic engineering. However, the reality is the material has its foundation on the natural quartz that we are all used to. Nonetheless, it is in essence ‘super-charged’ quartz. The manufacture Dekton uses the sintered particles technology to compact the natural stone further than is possible in the natural environments. Therefore, from a natural starting point, Dekton is further processed and manufactured to the point it becomes virtually indestructible.

Why Dekton Can be Customised

Dekton allows users to have highly customised worktops. The material can be customised to meet any design specifications with no negative impact on the performance of the material. The production technology and process allow manufacturers to produce the materials in large slabs that are not possible with naturally mined stones, as is the case with marble and granite.

Importantly, the material enables kitchen and bathroom designers such as Stone and Chrome to design and produce worktop surfaces that do not have seams, thereby improving the aesthetics of the worktop. Furthermore, designers can use thinner (and sleeker) slabs without compromising the integrity of the worktop. The thinner stone makes for lightweight material, which is also easier to fit.

Can it Be Used Outside?

The production process of Dekton involves great compression and bonding beyond what is possible in through the natural metamorphic processes. One benefit that the extreme processing is better UV resistance. As such, Dekton is better able to withstand UV radiation throughout the summer without experiencing deterioration in performance or material structural integrity. Furthermore, the material can withstand Britain’s torrential rains and the sub-zero winters. With this in mind, the material is perfect for use in outdoor barbecue areas and kitchens as it can withstand the environment with no maintenance requirements.

Super Durable

The strength of Dekton as a material is such that you will need to use a chopping board to protect the knife rather than the surface. This strength is available across the board even when you choose a matte or polished finish. The manufacturing process that yields the highly compacted and intensely compressed material is constant. As such, the material is super hardy and durable. It can withstand the rigours of constant use. Furthermore, you will never have to worry about the dreaded accidental impacts as it is the case with the natural stones.


The compression, compacting, and bonding processes that are used in the manufacturer of Dekton ensure that porosity of the material is minimized as much as possible. Dekton material does not have any absorbent properties – there is no liquid penetration whatsoever. This means that the household chemical, liquids, water, and heat that typically stain natural porous stone do not affect Dekton. Consequently, there is no need for rigorous cleaning. Additionally, the material can be used in a wide variety of environments, regardless of the exposure of staining liquids.

Super Performance And Zero Maintenance

One of the considerations that homeowner have in mind when installing their worktops is the maintenance requirements. Natural stones such as marble and granite require resealing and polishing every so often retain their vibrant appearance. However, with Dekton, there is no need for resurfacing, resealing, or refinishing.

More Choice

Dekton comes in a wide range of grains and hues, very much the same as it is with quarts. However, unlike quartz, the material offers increased clarity over a longer time-frame. You should also keep in mind that the material is a manufactured product. As such, every aspect of the material can be controlled, including the graining. This means that you will get the precise graining that you desire.

Consequently, designers can play around with tonal contrasting and uniformity of the design on features such as the kitchen island, the splash back, and the worktop in both small and large kitchens.

What is the Cost?

The exceptional performance of Dekton comes at a price. However, the cost Dekton is comparable to other natural stones. You should also note that you only need to purchase the Dekton once and there are no maintenance costs associated with this material. As such, the cost is certainly worth it.

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