What To Do Before Hiring A Maid

Before hiring a cleaner in London, you have to define the tasks you want to entrust to her. The benefits of a housekeeper are indeed variable from one person to another and adapt according to your needs. If you hate certain household chores, it is these that will have to be delegated in priority.

But be aware that some tasks are not necessarily included in the missions standard of a cleaning lady in London, and may sometimes generate additional costs. Everything is then a matter of negotiation with housekeeper Chelsea.

In general, the housekeeper handles the routine maintenance of the house, namely:

  • Sweeping and cleaning floors and surfaces of your apartment (furniture, bath, washbasin)
  • Dusting carpets, furniture, and objects
  • Cleaning the kitchen and the dishes
  • The maintenance of household appliances, and the management of cleaning products (it must alert you when it happens to run out of certain products)

Some slightly more casual or particular tasks are not always included in the standard services of a housekeeper, but may also be required:

  • Cleaning the fridge and oven
  • Laundry and ironing
  • change of sheets or arrangement of the bed
  • Window cleaning
  • The cleaning of specific objects (wooden furniture, silver objects)
  • The maintenance of plants
  • Animal care
  • Some housekeepers may also agree to go shopping or even prepare meals like housekeeper Islington, but this must generally be specified upstream, at the time of your search.

Also, keep in mind that entrusted tasks may evolve. You have several options for your housekeeper to take care of these tasks:

  • Pay extra on days when you ask her to take on additional functions because she will need more time to do everything;
  • Agree that she will leave specific tasks, the day she will have to do one of these casual tasks;
  • Ask him to alternate some occasional tasks in the month (for example a week cleaning the windows, the week after, cleaning the fridge).

It is up to you to see what you prefer, and to discuss it with your housekeeper during the preliminary interview.

Tips Before Hiring A Housekeeper

Define the frequency at which you want it to intervene and the duration you will need. Do you prefer it to come 3 hours 2 times a month, or 1h30 every week? Also, think about the times that are best for you, and whether you want to be there during your intervention or not.

  • -Organize the cleaning products and store them in the same place to allow your cleaning lady to navigate quickly and save time: sponges, tea towels, buckets, products, vacuum cleaner, iron.
  • -Leave a small notebook of exchange, where you will be able to note the special instructions before each service, and where your housekeeper will be able to make you share of its remarks.