What Makes a Good Security Camera Installation Work Stand Out?

A quality security camera installation could be the best investment for your family or business. You can’t put a price on the peace that comes from knowing that you constantly have eyes around your property round the clock. Aside from the obvious security benefits, a television closed circuit system (CCTV) can earn you huge discounts with your insurance provider and increase the value of your home in the long run.

However, for you to enjoy all these benefits, the security camera installation project must be done to perfection. A bad job will ruin your chances of having great camera feeds and best vantage points.  It is commonplace to see security companies making costly mistakes during the installation which begs the question; what sets a good security installation project from a bad one?

  1. A Suitable Surface

A CCTV camera is a lightweight tool. Most brands and designs prefer using small devices over heavy ones. That said, the housing of the security camera still needs to be installed on the right surface around the property. Sometimes the most ideal location may prove tricky when it comes to proper installation. A good service provider knows that a mason drill bit and drill are handy tools for the job. Otherwise, the camera might just blow off when the next storm comes.

  1. Appropriate Location

Location is another important element in the process of a security camera installation. As you walk around the property, you’ll notice certain angles that offer excellent vantage points. Beyond vantage point, think about obstructions such as trees and how the sun shines throughout the day. A good installation will take into account all these factors and come up with the best location. In most cases, the space under the roof is utilized at a downward angle.

  1. The right number of cameras

If you want to sufficiently cover your entire property, one camera might not suffice. Regardless of the size of your property, you need more than two cameras. An average number for most properties is anything between 2 and 4. This ensures you receive complete protective coverage. You could use one wide-angle camera but it isn’t ideal for face identification. Installing more cameras is always a better investment.

  1. Use Of Quality Cameras

Low-quality cameras will only lead to disappointments in the future. A security camera installation ought to have quality cameras that give the best field of view, night vision, resolution, low light performance, motion detection, and a great power source.

  1. The Correct Range

It is not uncommon to see security cameras installed beyond wireless range. Every camera has a safe distance from which it can be placed away from the receiver to capture the best detail. Going beyond this distance will cause errors in the camera feed or cause the camera to drop altogether.

So there you have it: 5 things that make a security camera installation project stand out. The next time the security company come by to install cameras for you, be sure to tick all the above before you sign that check.