Reasons for having Sun Control Films in your Corporate Office

Sun control films are tinted films made out of laminate, which are used on the interiors as well as exteriors of windows. The windows may be for automobiles, or any structure with windows. The material used for production of sun control films is called Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET).  PET is a polymer, which is thermoplastic in natureand belongs to the family of polyester. There are varieties of Sun Control films, which can be differentiated,based on grades, colors, thickness, etc.  Sun control films have a various applications based on the differentiations mentioned above. The most common application of Sun control films is on car windows as well as windows of buildings such as residential and commercial spaces. These commercial spaces get some added benefits by installing Sun Control films.

These benefits are as follows: –

  • Temperature Management: Installation of sun control films pays off, all the more so during summers, when it is extremely sunny. Sun control films are helpful in keeping the temperature of the building under check as they offer up to 97 percent heat rejection. This helps in maintaining an optimum temperature in the office establishment, thereby allowing the employees to be able to work with ease. It makes the office comfortable and relaxing.
  • Cost effectiveness: This cost effectiveness is related to the first point. Because the sun control films help in reflecting the heat, the temperature remains cooler. This in turn facilitates for lesser dependence on Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. It is a common phenomenon that the HVAC system in an office setup, with so many individuals can consume a large amount of electricity, which would increase the operating costs of the organization. The installation of these films, act as a cost cutting mechanism as well. According to an estimate, the cost reduction that can be achieved in terms of energy consumption is in the range of thirty to forty percent.
  • Glare Reduction: Glare is another problem that installing Sun Control Films counters. Glare can be an annoying phenomenon. It reduces the productivity of the employees because they can be distracted as well as irritated. The glare from the sun not only falls directly into the eyes but also on the computer screens. Thereby being a hindrance to work. Installing 3M Sun Control Films can reduce glare by approximately eighty percent aid in making the employees more productive.
  • UV Protection: Installing 3M sun control films in your corporate officecan help you ensure that your employees are safe from the Sun’s harmful radiation, in the form of UV rays. 3M sun control films reflect UV rays thereby protecting the inhabitants of the establishment. Depending where your office is located and how much UV rays enter into your office space.
  • Cheap alternative: It is a cheaper alternative than most other protective measure. If you think about cooling, then you can do with a smaller capacity of HVAC in combination with 3M sun control films. You can find these films in different price range.

With the use of Sun Control Films, you can make your office a welcoming place for your employees. If you are looking to add sun control films for your office, then 3M Sun Control Films can be a good option and you should connect with a leading dealer for quality product. These dealers offer high-quality sun control films which you can install at your office to get proper light and create a happening environment.

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