What Determines How Moving Quotes Are Calculated?



Each removal service is unique, and this affects the quotation. Some areas are difficult to access, while households vary. However, it is essential to get removal companies in Gloucester with the best quotations. Here are some factors that will affect a home removal quotation.



It is the first factor that determines the quotation price. The size of your household should be in cubic feet. The measurement will help the removal company to decide the type of vehicle to use, and how many staff to involve in packing. When it comes to packing, the factor of packing material kicks in; the more required, the higher the purchase cost.

Access during the move

Accessibility is essential for the removal company. It includes how close the moving truck can get to the front door. It also consists of any low height bridges near where you move. It helps in determining the type of vehicle appropriate for your move. Smaller vehicles mean more of them, meaning additional expense. The road access and network is another factor that affects accessibility.


The quotation may also be affected by the distance to your destination. An inter-regional move will not cost the same as a town to town move. The cost of moving is usually calculated based on mileage.

Services offered

The number of services you need delivered also affects the quotation. It includes packing services and unpacking, or partial packing.

Fragile items

The number of sensitive items included in your move also matters and affects your quotation. They require special packaging and wrapping to protect from dust, breakage and scratches. Some of the items may range from pictures and vases that may be sentimental.

Overweight items

When moving heavy objects that are overweight, it also affects the quotation. The more complex the move is, the more expensive it gets.

The time of moving

The time you plan for your move will also affect the removal quotation. If it is not an emergency, it is best to avoid certain times. The high season times include weekends, the first and last days of the month and during holidays. Moving services are in high demand at these times, thus costly. Where there is a possibility to move at other times, it will help in saving.

Besides all these factors affecting the removal cost, there are ways to save on your move. One of the tips includes partial packing. Enquire whether the quote consists of the full moving costs and choose the appropriate moving time. You can also discuss the services included in a full moving service. Avoid removal companies with hidden charges.

When making a move ensure you include extra money for unexpected emergencies. Avoid moving on a very tight budget. Ask for certification and insurance of the removal company to help avoid last minute surprises. Follow these guidelines for finding the right removal company for a successful move. Get a removal quote once you decide on your destination. Contact the removal company ahead of time to make a booking.

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