What Can Be Thrown Into The Recycling Waste Bin?

Eco-consciousness has become a top priority throughout the world. The awareness camps and advertisements about growing Soil pollution are organized all over the world to make aware the people about its detrimental effects. Nowadays, more and more people know the impact of dumping waste in landfills and how to control it. All nation governments are promoting recycling to control the soil pollution. Being a native, you must consider this option too. The Landfill levies cost is rising day by day, so you should opt recycling that is much more economical than dumping waste at the landfills. Now the query comes in mind that what type of waste can be thrown into a recycling bin rental in Toronto. The answer is as follows:

General Rules of Recycling:

  • Recycle all bottles, cans, and paper

The recycling bins are appropriate for all types of businesses like restaurants and offices. These bins are meant to accept mixed items including plastic bottles, metal cans, cardboard boxes and many more. In addition, the other items that can be disposed of in the recycling bins are paper, glass jars, plastic and tins.

Moreover, you should put all the small things together into the bin. Tiny items like metal beer bottle lids, plastic lids and bits of paper must be placed together because they are easier to recycle together rather than one by one. Most recycling companies do not accept tiny items, as they get lost easily in the sorting machine and cross contamination or even damage may occur in the machine.

  • Keep items relatively clean and sort them properly

Another thing you can do is, before placing the plastic containers in the recycling bin, you should scrape off foodstuff that’s left behind in the plastic items, but do not wash them.

Moreover, when you are going to place items into the recycling bin, it is ideal to sort them properly because most of the recycling companies prefer to accept sorted items.

  • Don’t mix plastic bags in with the rest of your recycled items

On the other hand, bottles and cans should not be wrapped in plastic bags for disposing of into the bins. Most of the garbage collector trucks reject your scrap if you do so.

  • Don’t Recycle

There are a number of items that cannot be recycled such as; Wax and absorbable papers like tissues, baking paper, coffee cups and serviettes; soft crunchable plastics like plastic bread, pasta, biscuit trays and veggie packaging. Beside it, plate glass, Glassware, light bulbs and ovenproof glass should not be thrown in the bin.

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