What are the different types of insulation materials for households?

Living in a poorly insulated home means your monthly energy consumption will be higher and so will be your utility bills. You will not feel comfortable inside your house because of the lack of proper air-conditioning and soundproofing. The carbon footprint will also be higher because your home consumes more electricity to keep your indoors warmer. In Estrie, you can get rid of this entire problem by choosing a proper insulation service provider company. Nowadays, these companies use a variety of recycled and eco-friendly materials to make your home energy-proof. Some of them may not even cost you much. Here is a quick look at these materials.

Wood wool 

For roofs, walls, and floors, this eco-friendly insulation material is comfortable to tailor-make to suit your different purposes. It is also suitable for your lungs and skin. It is well-known for its heat storage and acoustic insulation properties. It can also stay safe in damp. But the challenge is it cannot fit in your budget for being too pricey.

Fiberglass or glass wool

It is a widespread household insulation material. Derived from recycled glass scraps and pure sand, these mainly come in the form of sheets. This material can hide uneven surface efficiently because of its soft texture. If you want to make your home both sound and thermal proof, then it’s an ideal inexpensive choice. You can use glass wool on internal walls, wooden flooring, and sloped roofs. It is also fire-resistant.


Embodying a woody texture, Hemp can cover your floors, walls, roofs, and exteriors in the form of blankets to protect them and your entire house. Only dampness is its primary problem. Hence, you cannot use it in a damp environment. The best part is you can compost it. Besides, it is not costly.


You can get this material in granular or board formats. This versatile product can store more heat and tolerate dampness. It also enjoys a long life. You can also benefit from its soundproofing qualities. But its excessive rate makes it out of reach and sometimes, unreasonable too.

Sheep wool

Sheep wool, one of the most expensive materials, is a common choice for households. People pick it for its air-purifying and insulation qualities. The sheep wool is recyclable. Also, it is a breathable material that offers vital moisture- and vapor-control. Easy customization, heat retention, and air-purifying attributes can make it a fantastic choice. But for that, you have to be ready to spend more than your budget.


It can be one of the most eco-friendly and affordable options for your home. Made for application on timber walls, floors, and roofs, it can protect your house from fire. It also has a higher ventilation value. However, it cannot survive in a damp environment, which makes it least suitable for your exteriors. You can choose it to increase the thermal efficiency of your house.

Since numerous companies offer isolation en Estrie, you don’t need to worry about the choice of materials. An honest and professional company will recommend the most practical option so that you get a well-insulated home without burning a hole in your pocket. 

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