Ways to Transform Your Living Space

If you’re bored with your rooms, the answer could be as simple as changing up your window treatments. What you put around and on your windows can completely transform your space. The key is knowing how to find the right treatments and then how to arrange them in a way that will make your windows worthy of a home magazine centerfold.

Invest in custom

Take a look at the prices of custom-made curtains, and you’ll find they are not that much more than quality off-the-rack curtains and treatments. There’s no reason not to go for something that will genuinely fit your style and complement the decor in your room.

Take some time to look at your furniture, walls, and whatever flooring you have. Consider the way the colors and style of the curtains could complement, contrast, or pop in comparison. Then measure and learn how to properly hang them so that everything is perfect the first time.

Hang them correctly

One big mistake people make is hanging curtains with the top directly above the window frame. If the top of the curtain and the frame are at nearly the same level, you make that space look stuffed and crowded. It also lets in less light and makes the window seem stunted.

Ideally, you want to hang your drapes at least 30 cm above the frame. The rod should extend a minimum of 7 cm, and ideally about 15 cm, to each side of the window. This makes everything look big, bright, and luxurious.

Pay attention to length

The last thing you want to do is wander into a store and buy some curtains without even measuring for length. You want to know exactly how long the curtains should be and then get them custom-made to fit.

Curtains should reach the floor, ideally resting a few centimeters above it or just whisking against it. Whatever you do, never stop your window treatments right at the level of the window sill. This is another recipe for making things look stunted and crowded.

Layer neatly

Layers of window treatment are a lovely look, and if you check out any designer windows online, in magazines, or at live displays, you may have noticed that nearly everyone has at least two treatments: often drapes and blinds.

The more treatments you have, the better insulation you get. The layers also add interest and texture and give you even more room to run with your style. The key is not doing too much. Remember that the more you put on the window, the less light you will get in the room. Favor lighter treatments when you layer.

Go wide

When you’re buying your shutters or blinds, choose ones with wide slats. They are easier to clean, have a more sophisticated look, increase the value your home, and are usually made of more robust materials than the thinner Venetian blinds.

Remember that plastic is easy on your budget, but at a cost you might not be able to afford. Cheap blinds will start to have issues quickly and are more of a hazard to small children and pets than wood or faux wood slats.

Mix things up

If you really want to transform your space, you need to stay away from the mundane. This does not mean the whole house has to look like a carnival ride. It just means that you should take each room as it comes. The decor and design should be unique to that room.

Don’t make the mistake of assuming that because you measured the windows in one room that all the windows will be of a similar size. Measure each one and get a custom window treatment for each room that will transform it into a space you love to be in.

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