Versatile removal services by Nuss Removals

Whether you want to move your home or office to a new location within Sydney, another state within the country or in a foreign country, Nuss Removals is the company to hire. Nuss offers all the three kinds of removal services. From personal and office belongings to car and pets, the company is versatile in terms of removal services. The door-to-door service for local, national and international moving makes the company a cut above the rest.

Local removals

The process of moving the house or office goods within Sydney is completed  in a breeze by the company. The removal specialists plan in advance to avoid any glitches during the removal process. The packing process is completed swiftly and efficiently and the goods are loaded on trucks and other carrier vehicles. Many types of equipment are present to load and unload heavy and extra large goods. The goods are unpacked and arranged in the new home or office. The company can also arrange for cleaning of the new or old property and arrange for electrician or handyman. Local removals are usually completed on the same day.

Interstate removals

Nuss offers interstate removal service to any location within Australia including small towns. Whether you are moving away from Sydney or coming  to Sydney, the company offers comprehensive removal services for your goods, pet and vehicle.

A survey is conducted by the interstate removal specialists to assess the number of the items and their sizes. On the moving day, the removal workmen arrive at the site and pack the various goods using high-grade wrappings, cartons and other packing materials. The goods are loaded in 20 feet high cube shaped steel containers. The packed goods are provided extra protection by using cushioned blankets before being loaded into the containers. The containers are transported interstate by rail carrier. The local Nuss crew takes the delivery of the containers from the rail terminal and delivers them to the final location. An inventory of the items enables the crew to ensure that each and every good is accounted for. The items are placed in the new location by the crew. The client can also select unpacking service in which all the goods are unpacked and arranged in the new house or office. A move coordinator appointed by Nuss monitors the whole process of loading, transporting and delivery. Move coordinator keeps the client updated about the status of interstate removal process.

The exact price quote is provided after surveying the goods. However, one can also get a possible price quote by going to the website of Nuss and clicking

get an interstate removal quote here.

International removals

Nuss is an expert in international moving of goods to Europe, Asia, USA and any other country in the world. Nuss is a member of the international moving association and has links with moving partners which can be relied upon to provide highly professional service in any part of the world.

The international removal expert of the company assesses the volume of the goods and selects the items requiring special packing. A price quote is provided based on the survey carried out and the special requirements, if any, of the client.

The move coordinator of Nuss manages the customs and other requirements and formalities to ensure that the goods are delivered without any legal and other issues to the target location in the foreign country.

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