Using Color In Your Photographs the right way

When we are lovers of photography, we always look for a good photo, in the day, in the afternoon, at night, and in any place regardless of the situation. However, there are elements of composition that are more important and that help us improve our photography, to give it a more creative look. Color is a visual element that can say a lot about a photograph; it can convey an idea or feeling and diverse emotions, so adding the right color will give a good result.

We must know the correct way for the color to be the main element in photography, this generates a story that we can tell through our image. By knowing how to use colors as a composition, our photography will give a great impression and even more when a photo editor software is being used in the photo.

Find Matching Colors

In any photograph, color is the most important, if we have any without color, this will be similar to a photograph similar to white or black, since there is no tone that distinguishes it. If we observe it, we will only find a tone and composition, without transmitting anything.


To get a good photograph with good technique, we can focus on finding the same or similar colors, and with them make a good composition. Forget about the striking colors that can break the harmony of your photograph, if you find a completely different color to the ones you already have, it will be something strange, and it may not be well appreciated so you should not include it, remember to take care of the harmony of your photographs.

When taking outdoor photographs you should look for a suitable area with similar colors, a park, for example, has similar green areas in shades. Otherwise, if you take photos in a studio, it will be easier to have control of what colors will be included in the composition of your photograph. I recommend looking for a good angle, adequate height and especially the bottom. This will help to achieve a correct harmony in the photograph, if you have someone, take care that the clothing is with soft tones to take care of the result.

The important thing in the composition of a photograph is the harmony in the colors, look for contrast between them and achieve a photograph that you have not done before.

Search to Mix Emotion and Color

Many colors emit emotions or feelings, we know that some are visually better than others, so when you look for the composition of your photograph try that colors convey a story or something you can tell through your photography.

If you want to know more, research on the psychology of colors, there is a lot of information about it. With this information, you can take pictures with more emphasis on the feeling when you are watching.

The colors also have tonalities that show happiness or sadness, being warm or cold tones, like orange and blue. A photograph of a portrait in blue can give sadness to the person, on the other hand, if it has an orange or yellow tone, it will bring happiness and warmth to the photograph.

Remember that depending on the color you choose for the composition of your photograph will be the emotion that transmits, try different colors and emotions to have different photographs, this will make you know how to show stories through what you are photographing.

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