Useful ways to get rid of household insects

Insects abound in warm regions, spread into homes and caused a lot of trouble and damage as well as in transport and spread infectious diseases.

Insects commonly found in homes:

Flies-mosquitoes-ants-bugs-cockroaches-moths – rats and prevent the entry of insects and reproduction at home following what becomes:

  1. clean the House cleaner.
  2. save fouling House and other waste in a garbage bin lid tightly taking cleanse box once in a while.
  3. renewal of air in room and pantry.
  4. fill holes and cracks with cement or plaster.
  5. clean the dirty dishes and utensils after use.
  6. put the nets or curtains or wire on the Windows and doors.
  7. do not leave food scraps on the table or in the pantry.

Household Insecticide:

The flies

Fly flies in the following ways:

  • Spray one of the pesticides on the kitchen floor overnight and clean the floor in the morning.
  • Spray insect poisonous toxins on windows and in areas where flies are frequent.
  • Adhesive sheets, which have fly lacquer, are placed in the place where the flies are located, leaving flies to gather and stick and burn by burning the paper.
  • Use of sprayers after windows and doors are closed and then collected and burned.


Mosquitoes are common in wetlands and in ponds and swamps, and transmit many dangerous diseases such as yellow fever and malaria and are destroyed in the following manner:

  • Pour oil oil (oil) into drainage sinks, especially in the summer.
  • Destroying the house with sulfur dioxide. This process needs to be warned.
  • Use of pesticide spraying after being closed windows and doors.
  • Cockroaches
  • To eradicate cockroaches follows:
  • Fill the nozzles of latrines and latrines at night with a piece of tiles and others.
  • Put poisonous or petroleum solutions in the holes of latrines and latrines and pour water in the morning.

Throw balls of insecticide-infested flour in a place where cockroaches are abundant and out of the reach of children.


  • Crumbs and food residues are removed from tables or dining cabinets.
  • The legs of the tables or reservoirs shall be placed in small containers of water with a layer of petroleum oil.
  • Sprinkle cracks housing the ant powder insecticide.


  • The mice are exterminated using the traps in which the bait is placed, and care must be taken to touch them a lot because the mice smell the human smell quickly and refrain from entering.
  • The wild chamomile is placed in the places inhabited by the rats, so that it smells of its smell because it hates it.


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