Use technology, power your house with various wires

When you start constructing a house one important that you concentrate is wiring and the supply of power to your house. In the present era, it is not even possible to image the world running without power. Just take a minute and think the activities that you carry out right from getting out of the bed till you go back to the bed, each and everything is somewhere associated with power. Such an important electric connection has to be given importance and maintained well. Among those were 2 core wires is also one of the types and there is certain information on them.

Twin or the earth cables

When you look at the internals connections within our house, you can probably find the twin core and the earth cables are used. As the name speaks it is the two core type of power cable, they are insulated with PVC outer sleeve and you can find the earth core in between them.

The life appears in the brown sleeving and the neutral core comes with the blue sleeving and the complete color of the cable would be harmonized. The earth core will be clear and appears in green and yellow sleeving. To avoid dangers it is necessary to cover them since they come bare.

Size of the earth core

You can find earth core in all the parts of your house in various sizes. One of the most commonly found sizes is 2.5 mm for behind sockets. Whereas 1-1.5 mm is commonly used for the light connections, also need to consider the number of light present in the circuit. These wires are named as 2 core cables.

Features of the 2 core cables

There are certain features that the 2-core cable can possess and this becomes reason to use them in the house electrical connections.

  • They produce high strength
  • They are sturdy in nature
  • The reliability nature of the cable

You can also use the two cores round cable and they can produce certain features like

  • High tensile strength
  • Uniform thickness all over the cable
  • Capability to withstand heat since they are highly heat resistant

3 core cables

Apart from that, you can also use some other cables and one of them is the 3 core cable. When you look at domestic light fittings that are operated by two switches they use 3 core cables and there is earth for connecting the two switches. As the name denotes the cable is made of 3 cores, all of them are wrapped in an outer PVC sleeving. You can find one brown, one black and one grey core in the 3 core cable. The earth core will be bare and have to be insulated with green and yellow sleeving.

There are also certain other wires. You can have any security and enjoy appliances that work with electricity but it is important to properly maintain them to avoid any damages in the lateral stage.


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