Ultimate Tips When Moving Home During a Pandemic

Generally, moving home is not an easy task. Moving home during a pandemic makes the entire process harder. If that’s your case, you’ll realize that your concerns have shifted from the safety of your items to your safety, and safety of your family members and the moving crew.

The following are the top six tips to guide you when moving during a pandemic. Please note that following these tips will make the process easier, as well as safe for all the parties involved.

Double-check all the moving details

In most states, moving home is categorized as an essential service. That means you will have access to professional movers. However, it’s advisable to make sure that you double-check all the different plans for your move. This is important if there are a lot of details involved, which might prove to be a challenge when moving during a pandemic.

When we say that you double-check all the moving plans, here are a few details that you should confirm with the movers before the moving day:

  • Confirm with your movers whether they are still working during the pandemic
  • Enquire about the safety measures that they’ve put in place to protect you, your family members, as well as their crew
  • Ask the movers whether there’s anything that you should when moving for safety purposes.

Ask for a virtual estimate

Typically, movers will have to visit your home, do a valuation of the furniture, appliance, and other household items for them to give you an estimate. Moreover, they will also need to factor in the doorways, size of the hallway, as well as the accessibility of your home when calculating the estimate.

However, this shouldn’t be the case during a pandemic. In fact, most moving companies are opting for virtual estimates in order to stop the spread. For a virtual estimate, you’ll need to do a video call, and then walk the expert virtually through the entire home. This allows them to take into account all the items that you want moved. Moreover, you will also need to provide the movers with measurements in case your home has tight spaces or you are moving large furniture or bulky items.

Get your own moving gear

Traditionally, you’d ask your neighbors and friends for moving boxes, as well as other supplies in a bid to cut your moving costs. However, this option might not be practical when moving home during a pandemic. Thus, the best thing to do is to source your own supplies.

In this case, you should consider buying reusable boxes, or clear storage boxes that you can use to pack your items. Also, you can search for rental companies that provide reusable boxes in your area. The thing is, you need to stay safe during this period. Therefore, ensure that you disinfect the moving supplies immediately you get them. Moreover, order them online if possible.

Wear protective gear

Wearing protective gear, such as masks and gloves can assist in curbing the spread of disease during a pandemic. This will not only ensure your safety, but it will also help in keeping your family members safe. Therefore, you should observe these guidelines when moving home during a pandemic. Also, you should ensure that your movers observe the same safety measures.

Besides, this, you also need to provide sanitizers during the moving day. The professional movers at Torex Moving advise homeowners to make sure that everyone involved in the moving process has good access to these materials. Moreover, make early preparations to ensure that there is access to soap and sink at both locations. If that’s not possible, stock up hand sanitizers.

Minimize contact as much as possible when moving

Choose a moving option with as minimum contact as possible. Whenever possible, consider moving on your own—within a specified period of time. Then, consider using storage pods when moving your items. These will assist in minimizing their contact with other people.

But, you might still need to hire traditional movers if you are not in a position to move on your own. If that’s the case, ensure that you observe social distancing. During the moving day, you should keep a distance of six feet between you and your movers.

Postpone your move if you are unwell

When moving, note that safety comes first. Therefore, in case you or a family member is unwell, just postpone your move. Besides, it would be better if you delayed the move up until you get a clean bill of health from a doctor. We have to agree that taking such a step might be an inconvenience to you and can cost you some money. However, this will ensure the safety of anyone involved in the moving process.

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