Types of lightsabers

Lightsabers are fictional luminescent energy swords used in the Star Wars universe by the Jedi and Sith order. They have been featured in Star Wars movies since 1977 and are very popular weapons in the film industry. Lightsabers can cut, melt and burn most substances with ease. Lightsaber companies make and sell lightsabers in a variety of colors, sizes, and lengths. The following are common types of lightsabers available.

This is the most common type of lightsabers and comes in blue, green, red, purple and yellow colors. The hilt is about 26cm long, and the blade is about 1m long. Several characters in Star Wars have used this weapon including Luke Skywalker and Qui-Gon Jinn and, Darth Vader. Lightsaber companies make cheaper plastic versions of this weapon, which is also appropriate for children. However, these are weak and can break easily when struck against hard objects.

Shotos are short in terms of the length of the hilt and the blade. They are also lighter than the other lightsabers, meaning they are easier to carry and brandish. Although its length may be viewed as a disadvantage, it provides a hard target and is therefore not easy to destroy. Luke and Yodo have used it in Star Wars.

Curved lightsabers
Curved lightsabers have both a curved hilt and blade. The curved blade helps the user to feint against the opponent and easily take them down while the curved hilt provides a good fit into the palms for a better grip. This weapon is used by Sith order in Star Wars.

Double-bladed lightsabers have two blades extending from both sides of a hilt. Sometimes referred to as saberstaffs, the double-bladed weapons can be two joined lightsabers that can be separated. This lightsaber is considered hard to master and is used by Darth Maul in Star Wars.

Lightwhips are long and flexible allowing for ranged and random attacks. However, they are believed to have weaker energy and shotos are effective against them. They are less popular and have not been featured in recent films. For this reason, lightsaber companies do not prioritize making these weapons. Dark Lady Lumiya uses the lightwhip in Star Wars Expanded Universe.

The cross-saber has two slits that vents extra energy and creates two small blades. The vented energy has the ability to cut through the opponent more effectively when two blades are locked together. Kylo Ren in the Force Awakens uses this weapon.

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