Try Out Crackle Mosaic Tiles in Your Next Home Design Project

Crackle mosaic tiles not only give a fresh look to your home, but are also reliable due to their properties of being non-corrosive, acid and alkali resistance and water resistant.  They tend to be very durable, thanks to their heavyweight construction.

These tiles are generally used in indoor areas of your home and outside wall surfaces and are available in a variety of different sizes and colors. Here we have a few tips for selecting the right crackle mosaic tiles for your home.

Thickness and Size

Crackle mosaic tiles come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Additionally, the thickness of each tile means they are best suited for a wide variety of projects. The most popular tile you will come across is the one-inch square size. The variety in sizes and thickness allows you to create unique and attractive designs which were never possible with a traditional sized tiles. If the size of a crackled tile is too small, don’t forget to look for bigger crackle mosaic tiles that are available for sale. Concerning the thickness of the tile, we would suggest avoiding the thickest tiles while making a purchase, as these tiles can be difficult to fix to your walls and will probably fall off at a later date and need to be replaced.

Quality of the Color

What is the guarantee that the color of the tile you are purchasing will not fade away? A crackle mosaic tile will likely come with a lifespan for how long the tile coloring will last. Be careful while purchasing a cheap tile, as it might look attractive at the point of purchase, but will quickly lose its color. This will then lead to replacement tiles needing to be installed. This will not only be an expensive process, but cause a lot of hassle, as you want these tiles to last for many years to come.  The fading of tiles occurs when they are exposed to heat from sunlight.

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