Some Facts about Indonesia Teak Wood Furniture

Be prepared to spend quite a lot of money when you decide to buy teak furniture Indonesia but be sure that you are making a worthy purchase. The furniture from Indonesian manufacturer is different from the other because of the quality making and also the unique appeal in the process. So, to know what special quality it has, you need to go back to the past and see how it all started. And it doesn’t hurt to learn the history of the making itself.

Here are some basic facts about teak furniture Indonesia that most people don’t really know.

  • Do you know that teak is the indigenous tree in South East Asia? Some of the countries have teak as their indigenous tree. You can find it in Burma, Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia but so far, Indonesia has been taking this matter seriously and considering teak as one of their major and most important natural resources. The government has set up their corporation to manage the teak production so the tree can be felled and produced – and made sure that there is always a replacement for the old one.
  • Only the mature tree can be processed and produced – the young ones may not have the best quality like the mature trees. And it takes 80 years for the harvest, which also contributes to the high price.
  • In most cases, old teak is generally (and most likely) reclaimed. An old cabinet, for instance, is torn down so the parts can be used as another type of furniture. After all, teak has this superb quality that no other woods have.

If you happen to come to Indonesia, go to the local carpenter. The numbers of teak furniture Indonesia craftsmen are diminishing from year to year but there is always one among many – as long as you don’t give up hopes in searching for one.

Indonesian Teak Furniture and How to Find the Promising Type

It is a sure thing that you will have to pay extra for the truly premium quality of teak furniture Indonesia but keep in mind that it is going to worth the purchase. When it comes to buying the high quality furniture, such as the teak, you may have to spend extra for the initial purchase but you may never have to buy another piece of furniture because your own is super durable, sturdy, and solid. And when it comes to reliable manufacturers like Indonesian teak furniture, you can be sure about the flexibility

The Quality

There is no doubt that the quality of teak furniture Indonesia is one of the best. Aside from the fact that Indonesia has its own supplies of natural and indigenous teak source, the country is rich with skilled and talented human resources as well. A lot of craftsmen are able to manufacture and make their teak furniture by hands so you can imagine the originality.

Finding the Right Piece

So, where should you go when you want to purchase a good quality teak furniture Indonesia?

  • You can go to the international furniture expo. Not only you can find a lot of manufacturers, you can also find different kinds of furniture, designs, models, and make. It is like a shopping ground for furniture, really.
  • You can always contact the local manufacturers, whether through the online system or the old-school manual method. These days, finding suppliers online is easy. Go to the search engine and type in your search keyword. Contacting the furniture supplier directly can be one of the options. However, if you like to travel to Indonesia, it doesn’t hurt to go to the small towns or even villages. There are plenty of local craftsmen still working on this level. They have superb quality although they are located in far away or even remote areas.
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