Top Tips on Creating the Perfect Show Home: From the Kitchen to the Living Room to the Bedroom

Show homes are now seen as a necessity by those selling property, whether it’s their own property or a series of properties as part of a new-build development. Show homes will always exude class and style and are designed with the buyers’ highest expectations in mind, but creating the ideal show home isn’t such an easy matter, as any interior designer and expert will tell you. But it can be done, and done right if you know just what to consider and pay attention to when it comes to every room and space. Following are some top tips on creating the perfect show home: from the kitchen to the living room or lounge to the main bedroom.

For the dining room and kitchen

Most modern dining areas and kitchens will feature an open plan, allowing designers to get truly creative with the space. Open plans let you create a different ambience for each room but still retain a cohesive feel for the entire home. For the dining room and kitchen, a light colour palette works best, and don’t forget to bring in soft textures and accents. The area should be airy and light, but if you want something on-trend, you can go for jewel hues and tones like soft pink and teal.

Another thing you can do is add statement lighting right on top of the dining table, and add stone and marble textures to create a more luxurious vibe.

For the living area or lounge

Most living areas or lounges are designed with the ultimate luxury in mind, so think beautiful furniture pieces that can add character and a lot of personality to the space. Choose your chairs and sofas with care and make sure the fabrics that go with them are of excellent quality, as suggested by the best show home interior design experts from Luxurious and classic fabrics can give your living area or lounge a timeless, elegant appeal, but remember that it’s also the little details that can make or break the space. Cushions, for instance, will always be on top of the list of any designer because they can create a brilliant feel to the room and add just the right amount of colour and texture.

Lighting is also essential, and it can give the space a more welcoming and relaxing feel. Opt for statement lights on the ceiling, whether it’s a hanging pendant or chandelier, and add several table and standing lamps scattered around the area. When you choose accessories, opt for varying heights as it gives the room more depth and is pleasing to the eye.

For the bedroom

Bedrooms are more about layering, so pair simple but elegant linens with several throws to create a sumptuous, softer feel. The great aspect of this element is that you can constantly update and change it to suit different styles and themes. An accent wall or two can also add elegance to a room, whether in a pattern or a single colour. However, your accent wall should always be at the back of the bed because this will make the bed much more noticeable. The windows can also make a vast difference so, you can add more style to the bedroom with roman blinds, drapes or curtains, or even some well-chosen accessories.

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