Tips to keep Spiders away from your Home

Most spider species are harmless to humans. However, if you are one of the people who don’t like sharing their environment with these eight-legged creepy-crawlies, you may want to keep them away from your property. This is particularly true if you live in a region with dangerous species of spiders, such as a brown recluse spider or black widow spider. These spiders are commonly found in the US, and their bites cause painful symptoms. 

Keeping away spiders from you, your family, and your pets help to keep your home healthy and safe. In case you are battling with a current spider infestation, it’s in your best interest to consult with a professional in Mesa pest control extermination. There is a number of things you can do to prevent spiders from building webs within your home. These include;

Use Peppermint Oil

The pure peppermint oil is strong and spider hate it. Its smell is extreme for small insects which makes it an excellent spider repellent that you can apply to scare away these creepy-crawly arachnids out of your home. Besides, it works well when it comes to repelling wasps and yellow jackets too.

Natural Spider Spray

To make a natural spider spray, mix apple cider vinegar, oil, liquid soap, and pepper. Spray areas where spiders congregate, such as bathroom and other damp areas in your home. You should also spray it outside your house along windows, windowsills, and doors to prevent spiders from entering your house. 


Since you don’t want ladybugs to crawl around your house, having the in the garden would be a perfect place. These incy wincy insects are great for keeping spiders out of your home. Ladybugs eat the different that tend to attract spider, and this eliminates their food. This forces spiders to seek sustenance elsewhere. Thus, introducing ladybugs into your house environment will keep away spiders from your home perimeter.


Chestnuts play a significant role when it comes to scaring away of these eight-legged creatures from your home. Place the chestnuts along with the baseballs in your house alongside the window sills to bar spiders from entering. One of the advantages of chestnuts is that they do not go rancid quickly. Therefore, you can get long-term relief from these creatures.

Diatomaceous Earth and Baking Soda

This is another excellent home remedy to get rid your home of spiders. Sprinkling diatomaceous earth or baking soda around the house will help in keeping these pesky creatures at bay. Just take a spoonful of diatomaceous earth or baking soda and sprinkle it in the window sills, corners, and doorways of your home will send spiders away.

There are so many home remedies for keeping away spiders from your home. This will offer you peace of mind while keeping your house free of toxic pest control chemicals. If you need to repel spiders in places that are easy to access, consider one of the non-toxic spray mentioned above so that it is safe for both human beings and animals touch it. 


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