How to maintain the hardwood floor of your house?

Proper cleaning and maintenance of hardwood floors are important for your beautiful house. Regular cleaning and maintenance gives long life to your floors and improves the appearance. Dirt and grime can’t hide on the hardwood floor. Thus, cleaning floors becomes essential. Though it seems a difficult task, by following the tips of floor heating Toronto by heavenly heat, it doesn’t remain difficult to do so for maintaining the longevity and durability of the floor:

  1. Sweep and mop on a daily basis: Some of the tips are needed to be done on a daily basis like sweeping the dust and the grime using a microfiber mop or cloth. This is the best protection against any sort of surface damage and marks. Microfiber cleaning pads are effective in trapping dirt particles, pet hair, and other household allergens. Use a broom also. Avoid lifting your microfiber mop off the floor for effective cleaning as microfiber cloth uses the concept of static electricity to trap the dirt particles.
  2. Vacuum and mop on a weekly basis: Using a vacuum and wet mops are good to use on a weekly basis in getting out the dirt in trouble areas like corners and spaces between each hardwood piece. When using the wet mop after the vacuum, there shouldn’t be extra liquid on the floor. A light misting with a little hardwood floor cleaner is good to give a shine on the floor. Use a vacuum and mops gently to avoid scratches.
  3. Use proper tools: Use of right kind of tools is essential for proper cleaning of the floor. A mop should be paired with a microfiber pad for dusting and cleaning. Avoid mixing water and vinegar, soap-based cleaners, wax or steam cleaners. These mixtures will dull the floor finish, leave residue and put excessive heat or water on the floors respectively, which causes long term damage to the floors.
  4. Put protective mats: Put protective mats like natural rubber rug underlayments with a waffle pattern in entryways, kitchen, and bathrooms to enhance the floor life. Use felt floor protectors on furniture to protect them. 
  5. Polish your floors every 2-3 months: This is one fantastic way to keep your floor shining. Polish renews the finish of the floors. Polish will fill the microscopic scratches on the floor and evens out the protective sealant that protects the actual hardwood. 
  6. Deep clean your floors every 3 to 5 years: Deep cleaning, sanding and refinishing is a great idea to remove the old finish and replacing with a new one. This will repair any major scratches or gouges and will give a new look to the floor.
  7. Mob high traffic areas more often: The ultimate maintenance depends on the overall use of the floor versus how often we clean them. Therefore, mob and polish the high traffic areas more often for a longer life span of the floors.

Floor heating Toronto by heavenly heat offers a wide selection of cleaners that offers a great finish to your hardwood floors. The right tools and techniques are used to give a phenomenal finish to your floors and house.


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