Tips for Deep Cleaning Your Home

Giving your home a good deep cleaning may not be your favorite thing to do but it can make life a lot better. It is much easier to relax in a clean home. Knowing where to begin when it comes to home cleaning can be overwhelming. Here are some tips for getting things done.

Get Rid of Clutter

Step one is to collect all of the items that are just taking up space. Grab a box or bag to start filling with donations and garbage items. At this point, skip closets and drawers. Just clear off surfaces to make deep cleaning possible.

Work From Top to Bottom

One of the most important things is to start high and work your way low. You do not want to dust your light fixtures after you have already swept and mopped your floor. If hitting every light switch, surface, and square inch of your floor seems overwhelming, consider house cleaning services.

Clean Window Tracks

Window tracks tend to collect dirt and even little bugs. One way to quickly have them sparkling again involves baking soda and vinegar. Start by sprinkling the baking soda all along the track. Then pour just a bit of vinegar on top and let the bubbly mixture sit for a few minutes. Wipe it away and you will see a sparkly white window track!

Scrub Your Kitchen Cabinets

One area that is often overlooked in the kitchen is the front of cabinets and drawers. These areas are often covered in fingerprints and can look dingy. Luckily, it is easy to fix this issue. Grab a fresh dish brush from your local dollar store and use plain dish soap to gently scrub the surfaces.

Clean the Blinds

Many people find the idea of cleaning their blinds to be overwhelming. This does not have to be the case, however. Simply grab a clean sock and put it on your hand. You can then use your hand to dust. Take it a step further by using a water/vinegar mixture to clean your blinds as you go.

Wash Your Windows

Did you know that direct sunlight can cause streaks when you are cleaning your windows? This is a task best saved for an overcast day. At the very least, start on the shady side of your house. A microfiber cloth and glass cleaner should be all that you need for streak-free windows.

These are just a few tips for making deep cleaning your home easier. Another thing you can do is contact Absolutely Spotless LLC to learn about our house cleaning services and what we can do for you.

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