Tips For Choosing Suitable Tile Flooring & Bathroom Vanities in Maple Ridge

Are you looking for inspiration for your bathroom renovation project? With the right professional guidance from a trustworthy and highly reputable home improvement contractor, you can look at various options of tile flooring and bathroom vanities in Maple Ridge.

Tile Flooring

Bathroom floor tiles are available in a dizzying array of materials, including porcelain, vinyl, and ceramic, which are some of the most popular bathroom tile flooring options and possibly the most practical. Even so, you can choose from many options ranging from cork and wood to glass and stone.

Vinyl Tiles

Vinyl is one of the most popular tiling options for bathrooms, due to its high level of practicality and low cost. It is suited for virtually all bathrooms in the home. So, whether you choose to have it in your powder room or master bathroom, you can rest assured knowing it will be a perfect fit. When it comes to comfort, safety, and durability, as a bathroom tile floor option, vinyl is simply unmatched.

Porcelain and Ceramic Tiles

Nothing looks as good as porcelain and ceramic tile flooring options, whether your individual tastes lean more toward wood or stone lookalikes or surprising, brilliant colours and patterns. Ceramics score highly if you consider the aspect of maintenance, as well. However, ceramic and tile options may not be as comfortable as vinyl on your bare feet. Thankfully, installing radiant heating in your floor helps to make them more comfortable.

Stone Tiles

Stone tile options were initially confined to foyers. However, over the past few decades, the tile flooring material is commonly installed in different rooms, including the bathroom. Made from granite, marble, slate, and limestone, stone tiles come in a variety of colours, ranging from reds to greens, creams, golds, and blues. The textures are also numerous and often include tumbled, cleft, flamed, etched, and sandblasted variations. Note that stone requires a higher level of maintenance requirements when compared to ceramic tile. Furthermore, stone is a more costly tiling option than porcelain and ceramic tiles.

Bathroom Vanities in Maple Ridge

Whether you choose to incorporate a simple cabinet to hide bathroom plumbing and hold your toiletries, or a big double-sink with multiple cabinets and drawers, bathroom vanities in Maple Ridge determine the aspect of styling for your bathroom. Therefore, if you just decided to remodel your bathroom, selecting the right vanity choice can be a daunting task. Besides choosing the right size vanity for your bathroom space, you need to choose the right style that perfectly matches your bathroom-decorating theme. Furthermore, you need to have a suitable configuration to match your lifestyle, as well.

What makes a good vanity for your bathroom?

When it comes to design, one-size-fits-all in the literal sense does not apply here. What you would actually install in your half-bath as a bathroom vanity will certainly not have the qualities of what would be ideal for your master bedroom. Remember you can actually judge bathroom vanities in Maple Ridge based on the materials they are made from. Storage space is yet another aspect worth considering when looking at your options for bathroom vanities.

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