Tips for Choosing a TV Stand


There are fewer things better in life than sitting back and relaxing with the TV on after a long day. Televisions have become a media focal point in the modern home, allowing us to watch our favourite live TV, stream Netflix, watch YouTube, listen to digital radio, and have fun with countless applications.

As the focal point in most living rooms, your television is also an important part of the décor, so choosing a suitable stand for it can help tie a room together. With the right TV stand, your television not only looks great, it’s at the perfect viewing height and distance, so choosing the perfect stand is always worthwhile.

Here are some tips for choosing the right TV stand for your home!


Before you think about styles, materials, and other options for your TV stand you want to get the exact size of your television first! Measure this with a tape if you’re not already aware of the size, with television screen sizes being measured from corner to corner.

Knowing the size of your television helps to choose suitable stand sizes. Bear in mind you are using a cabinet style stand that you’ll want the width to be at least the same size as the television to ensure it fits, although you may want to go larger if you want to store things at the sizes.

Furthermore, think about the overall size of the room – you don’t want a TV stand that is cramped into an area or leaves too much open space.


There are many types of TV stands available so it’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with the various options.

Popular style options include cantilever TV stands, console stands, cabinet stands, entertainment centres, and floating stands.

Also, remember that the style of stand will impact its positioning. Look at your seating arrangement and think about the best distance for viewing and which stands offer the best position for your television.


Each type of TV stand is available in countless styles, so it should be easy enough to find one that matches your current décor.

Contemporary designs are a popular option, especially if you want to store various devices like satellite/cable top boxes, DVD players, and games consoles onto the stand. Traditional styles are also available, often being made from hardwoods, and offer various features such as glass doors, drawers, and shelving.

Consider your current decor and whether it pairs with the style of stand, thinking about things like colour, shape, and size.


As with styles, there are many types of materials for TV stands, so there should be no shortage of options available. Wood is a popular choice, offering a classic style that pairs well with other wooden furniture and traditional home décor, while metals tend to pair nicely with contemporary home décor.

There are many types of woods available too, each one offering a unique aesthetic that you may find appealing, while the cost of the material should also be considered.  For example, hardwoods such as mahogany and oak offer a rustic charm that many find attractive but are on the costlier side, with some preferring budget-friendly softwoods like pine or spruce.


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