Timeless outdoor essentials you need in 2019

Whether you are looking for a quiet nook to retreat to, or a sprawling entertainment space, your outdoor setting can be one of the most elegant areas of your home.

Luckily, there is a range of outdoor furniture options available that can help you design a classic, yet modern, area that you won’t want to leave quickly during the warm summer months.

So, here are some of the outdoor essentials your space will need in 2019.

Sun loungers

The classic deck chair is a must-have sidekick for any pool during an Australian summer.

Thankfully, the days of the old plastic deck chair (warmed to uncomfortable levels by the beating sun) are in the past, and we can soak up those rays on a comfy outdoor sun lounge that suits our homes.

With plenty of designs to choose from, there are sturdy frames available made from powder-coated aluminium and teak, furnished with comfortable cushioning and slings designed for optimal relaxation.

As well as functionality, the soft lines of the aluminium frames of an outdoor sun lounge complement your existing outdoor furniture, all the while offering you the versatility to utilise different coloured slings and cushions to best suit your décor.

Bean bags

If you’re not looking to buy sun loungers, the humble bean bag was once used exclusively in children’s or rumpus rooms, but is now a comfortable and essential outdoor item.

These bean bags are made of durable materials like ‘sunbrella’ awning fabrics to withstand being left outside in the elements but remain as comfortable as their indoor cousins to make them perfect for lounging in.

And for those who like to get creative with their interiors, bean bags are usually available in a range of shapes and purposes as well — from those perfect for reading in, through to ones that are ideal for flopping onto after a dip in the pool.


When done well, outdoor settings can make for a spectacular environment at night. To do this, though, it takes all the right lighting solutions.

Strings of fairy lights and tea light candles are the classic go-to options, but there are some other on-trend, soft and elegant lighting looks in you can opt for something outside-the-box.

Ambient lanterns, cocoons and flame candle holders are vintage options with traditional designs, also featuring modern curves and lines to give your outdoor setting a fresh level of sophistication.


If you’re one to spend lots of time outside, especially in your new outdoor area, a daybed is a staple for spending hours getting lost in a good book.

Across the market – including those at Cosh Living – the number of styles and designs available are plentiful, giving you plenty of choice on dimensions, purpose and prints.

Classy but straightforward couch-sized options are available all the way up to double bed and pavilion-style daybeds – all of which will give you another reason to spend ‘just one more hour’ in your outdoor area.


While the furniture you sit and lie on is critical for comfort, don’t forget about the practical side as well.

For family barbeques, social gatherings or even just one of those days where your pool attracts your friends and neighbours because of the heat, proper garden benching is required for additional seating for the masses.

Our range of stylish benches provides the perfect setting for your guests to enjoy conversation and laughs together while also fitting in perfectly with your existing style.

Cosh Living has a variety of the latest outdoor furniture items on offer, including modern finishes and classic designs. Whether you’re looking to buy outdoor sun loungers in Australia or various other essentials, we’ve got an assortment to help you jazz up your space. We also stock leading brands across Atelier Vierkant, Coast, Gloster, Manutti and Tribu – all backed by an assortment of styles to revamp your space to your tastes.

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