Thinking About Fencing In the Yard?

Most homeowners at one point or another, think about putting up a fence. There are many reasons to do this. Keeping children and pets is one of the number one reasons. Letting neighbors know where the property boundaries are is another. Then, of course, there is the privacy issue. You may want to get some sun, and don’t want people viewing you in your bathing suit.

No matter if it is a fence for patio, or the entire yard, fences just make better neighbors, right? When choosing a fence for patio or yard, it is a good idea to keep in mind the use of it. Do you want it to be see-through, for views, or totally obstructing views.       Sometimes people don’t like the view from their yard and would prefer fencing over the view. However, if you have fantastic views of the oceans or hillsides, then you would want a cyclone type fence. Another thing to consider is height.

When it comes to deciding heights of your fence, there are a few things to consider. one of the most important, is your local zoning laws. While you may want to put up a 10 foot fence to keep your neighbors at bay, it may not be allowed. Check with local zoning before taking any actions at all with a fence. There are some areas that do not allow any fencing, or none on the backside if on the water, to preserve nature.

Once you figure out the height, then you can start making plans for your fence. Do you want to cover the entire front and back, just the back, or partition off a part of the back. You will need to measure precisely, the area you wish to cover. Remember to keep in mind the slope of your yard, especially if you are fencing in animals. If you do not, you will have them going under gaps, or jumping over shorter areas.

Getting your yard ready for the fence. After measuring the area out, it may be beneficial to spray weed killer. There is nothing worse than dealing with high brush or sticker bushes when trying to set/dig posts. Give it a few days to kill all these unpleasant things, then you can begin. When it comes to the post, you can either use concrete support, which means the fence will be stronger and last longer. Or you can just dig the post down fairly deep to ensure support, however, the post will rot over time and need replacing. Some people use stone or pebbles to stabilize the post and increase post-life.

There are all different kinds of fencing to be used. Wood fencing is the cheapest option, but does not last as long, and requires the most upkeep, with staining, painting, and replacing posts. Iron and aluminum, also known as cyclone is next, but you can see through this type. A popular choice is vinyl and composite, which comes in many styles and varying colors. Brick or stone is the most expensive, and usually is not feasible for most homes. tThese are usually reserved for very upscale homes.

Most homeowners go with what is within their budget and current need. If they will only be in the home a short time, most opt for a cheaper type of fence. Those that plan to be in their homes for their lifetime, invest more, and usually go a little more stylish with their choice. It is all up to the individual homeowner, but the possibilities are endless, so let’s have fun deciding your new fencing.

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