Things to keep in mind while picking the best Turkish Antique Rug

When you will be visiting Turkey you will be mesmerized by looking into the beautiful antique rugs which this place is having in abundance. So before you start picking the right antique rug for yourself it is very important to know every bit of it in order to make the purchase a worthy one. Turkey is famous for selling rugs which are handwoven. In order to pick any Turkish rug, you need to analyze the authenticity and the quality of it.

  • There are few categories of the Turkish rugs and among them lilim, hah, sumak and cicim are popular. They have a thickness with double knitting. You can use them as your wall hangings or on the floor.
  • There are three types of materials which are used for making this Turkish rug and them wool, silk, and cotton and sometimes the mixture of these three materials are also used. The cost of the rug will completely depend on the type of the material and whether it has been made with the help of a machine or it is handcrafted. If you buying the silk ones then it will be very expensive when compared to cotton or woolen ones.
  • The color of the rugs are also important and it will completely depend on the type of dye that is being used. It is not only the determining factor when it comes to the budget but when you are using rugs with natural dyes then it will be more valuable when compared to chemical dyes as the former one will be able to retain the colour properly. Depending on the region the carpet colour with differ. Every colour pattern will be narrating some story and every design has some uniqueness.
  • The Turkish rugs will be available in various sizes or you can make some customized one. By analyzing the place where you will be putting the Turkish rug you will have to say the approximate size before you are purchasing anything.
  • Always try to buy the Turkish rugs which is much older because the value of it gets increased as the day passes.
  • Never set the threshold by telling the merchant about the money that you are willing to spend on the Turkish rugs. So try to bargain as much as you can because they are generally expensive.

If you want to make the purchase of perfect Turkish antique rugs then make sure you are going through all the points mentioned above.



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