Things That You Need To know About Termites

 Termites are social insects and can easily infest your house if you are not too careful about them. In case, you observe any sign of termite then you can be sure that they have formed their colony in one of the foundation in the building structure of your house. Termites can survive in difficult condition and need only very little humidity to survive.

Following are few important things that you need to know about termites. Make sure to hire services of a reputed company like The Pest Company in case you find that your house is also infested by termites.

How termites eat wooden materials?

Termites have very special kinds of protozoa, enzymes and bacteria in their gut due to which they are able to digest all kinds of cellulose. Cellulose is some kind of organic fibrous material present in all kind of woods and plants and for termites these are very delicious foods.

How fast termites can eat wood?

Single Termite does not eat the wood very fast. According to the data available with us one termite may take 3144 years to eat 1000 square foot in any household. However, the problem is that termites live in a large number in a group. That is the reason one need to act fast if termites are ever noticed.

Do termites live in a group?

Termites usually build their colony and live in large groups. The group can be of few thousands to millions in numbers. There are hierarchy in the group and have queen who lay eggs. The worker termites do all the hard work and some immature termites do lighter works.

Howlong a termite lives?

Individual worker termites may live for at least two years and their size is usually 1/8th of an inch and hence any individual termite may not consume too much of wood.

How much damage a single termite can do to a household?

A single termite usually eats the food very slowly. However, since they live in a group by forming their colony and therefore when full colony is involved in eating the wood then it is really a big concern.

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