The Top Trends In Tile Flooring Designs in Vancouver

The installation of tile flooring is considered one of the most critical components of quality home renovation in Vancouver. Like any other home renovation project, you need to be sure you’re installing high-quality, trendy floor tiles. It is worth noting that flooring trends keep changing over the years. As homeowners acquire newer and more personal tastes, improved technology allows for the implementation of a broader range of tile flooring designs for the modern home remodeling project.

When considering floor tiles, you would obviously want something that looks elegant and increases your home’s value. Below we explore some of the most popular trends in tile floor options that you might want to consider for your new home renovations.

  1. Textured Tiles

We are all familiar with the smooth, shiny porcelain tiles, which were preferred for their practical benefits more than their decorative uses. If you wish to add a unique twist, then porcelain tiles present you with a stylish flooring option. The modern options have a new look, though. Instead of the polished gloss and glasslike smoothness, the newer floor tile options have a textured appearance. The textured tiles are designed to mimic other materials in terms of looks and texture. If you consider the modern wood grain porcelain tile, for instance, it is closely similar to wood. This tiling option closely resembles the grain pattern and colour of the wood. Homeowners can now get a variety of porcelain tile flooring options, thanks to the advanced technology employed today. The porcelain tiles can be easily styled and manipulated to produce different designs.

  1. Distressed Concrete Tiles

If you would rather not install wood flooring, you may opt for the popular distressed concrete tile floors. This flooring option is expected to gain even more popularity as homeowners seek out alternatives to replace traditional wood floors. While distressed concrete tiles can be incorporated into virtually any type of décor, it is best for contemporary home styles.

  1. Vintage Black And White

This year, the black and white vintage tiles, which were popular many decades ago, are now making a comeback. However, the tiles are not the same as the older black and white floor tiles that were commonly found in historic homes. The newer varieties have a bold, luxurious, and more graphic appearance. As a result, more homeowners considering home renovation in Vancouver choose the unique floor style presented by the vintage floor style, including the smaller floor tile options that incorporate bolder graphic design patterns.


  1. Graphic Tiles

Not many homeowners are willing to install floor tiles that essentially act as an art canvas. However, if you love artistic and unique patterns created on your tile flooring, then you’ll happily discover the beauty of graphic tiles. Advanced technology allows manufacturers to replicate virtually endless forms of imagery on tiles. Whether you prefer repeat patterns, jigsaw puzzle patterns, or any other patterns you can think of, these tiles allow you to form a large beautiful pattern on your interior floors.

As you think through your home renovation in Vancouver, you will gladly discover that you are not limited to the traditional material options and the same applies to tile flooring. Instead, you should opt for flooring materials that have a unique texture and design.

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