The rise of hotel rooms with mini kitchens

More and more hotels are opting to install mini kitchens in their rooms. Doing so can make a hotel more appealing to guests who want the convenience of or want to save money by eating in their rooms. Installing mini kitchens in hotel rooms can also help to attract guests for longer stays since it can provide a more comfortable ‘home from home’ experience. Many people actively search for hotels with a kitchenette, so being able to provide this facility is likely to boost your business significantly.

More independence for guests

Modern travellers seek more independence, which means they want to be able to prepare meals, snacks and drinks whenever they like, ideally without stepping foot outside of their hotel rooms. Since having a kitchenette in their room allows them to do this, their experience staying at your hotel is likely to be more enjoyable and satisfying. As a result, they are more likely to return to your hotel again whilst also leaving positive reviews to attract other travellers. Both of these can boost your business’s reputation and revenue.

Allow guests to save money

By providing modern kitchen facilities in your hotel rooms, you allow guests to save money, something that is particularly attractive during the ongoing cost of living crisis and especially for younger people who may not have as much disposable income. Guests are able to prepare their own meals for a fraction of the cost of eating out, allowing them to save significant amounts of money during their stay.

Encourage guests to stay for longer

For guests seeking extended stays, hotels with mini kitchens become much more appealing. For people who need to stay for a longer period, eating out can become extremely costly and even tedious. These guests may well prefer to prepare and eat meals within their rooms to enjoy a more homely, relaxing experience. With extended-length stays rising among travellers, installing kitchen facilities in your hotel rooms may present an opportunity to generate additional revenue for your business.

Choose Elfin for hotel mini kitchens

At Elfin, we’re the leading supplier of mini kitchens for hotels in the UK. We offer mini kitchens in various sizes and with a choice of different features. Many come with hotplates, an oven and even a microwave, allowing guests to cook and prepare a wide range of meals and snacks in the comfort of their accommodation. Our mini kitchens are ideal for hotel rooms of all sizes due to their compact build. Our smallest model measures just 900mm in length, making it a great choice for smaller spaces.

To find out more about our mini kitchens for the leisure sector, get in touch today. Call us on 01206 545700 to discuss your requirements with our team, or alternatively, send us a message via the website and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible. We’re on hand to help you choose the perfect mini kitchen for your hotel.

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