The Most Important Elements for Your Home Theater

Having your own home theater brings a whole new dimension of entertainment to your home. Just think about it. You can watch your favorite movies and TV shows with your friends, family, and loved ones without going through the troubles you usually go through when you visit your local cinema. Well, before you can announce that the party is on, there are some things to do beforehand.

Even though it may seem that all this is more of a daunting task than something fun, it’ll pay off once you’re done connecting all the pieces. Creating your typical viewing room depends on the most important elements that you need for such a task. So, you should make a list.

First, you need to set up the room. Once you get that done, you’ll need an HD display, a projection screen, a component rack, source components, high-quality tower speakers, lighting, a remote control, acoustic treatments, and seats.

HD Display and Projection Screen

While flat-panel HDTVs are the best option for your HD display, you can also go with a front projector. HDTVs are good for day-to-day viewing while a front projector is excellent for those action movie nights where the ultra-big-screen is crucial for the best movie experience. The important thing is to nail the distance between the screen and the projector which directly depends on the size of your screen as well as the projector specification.

On the other hand, there are several types of projector screens. It depends whether you want your projection screen to come up from the floor or drop down from the ceiling. They vary in characteristics such as reflectivity and it all depends on whether you’re viewing 2D or 3D content. The most recommended type would be acoustically transparent like the ones you can find in movie theaters.

Component Rack and Source Components

You’ll need a place where you’ll keep other equipment aside from your speakers and projector. An exposed shelf or a closet, anything will fit the bill. Still, if you want a home theater with style and class, a component rack would be highly recommended as it’ll add to the entire ambient. These component racks come with fan or convection cooling capabilities that will accommodate the cooling of your home theater gear.

When it comes to source components, if you want the highest quality video source, and it’s essential for your overall experience, a Blue-ray player would be most recommended.

Home Theater Tower Speakers

Aside from visual, the sonic aspect of your home theater is what ensures that you fully enjoy the immersive power of your home theater. Let’s face it, you can’t build your own home theater without having the highest quality home theater tower speakers that will make you feel like you are directly in the middle of the action.

With this in mind, pay special attention when you’re considering which tower speakers to buy as the quality of these speakers will directly determine the level of experience that you can expect from your home theater. Your engagement and energy come from the sound.

Therefore, you need the highest quality home theater tower speakers that can cover the highest treble as well as the deepest subterranean bass in order to create a fully enjoyable sonic vision of what’s on the screen.

Lighting and Remote Control

Your home theater will immensely benefit from good lighting installations. It’s important to ensure a perfect viewing environment as that’s what creates the right mood. It’s important that your lighting is dimmable and that it’s installed so that it doesn’t affect the screen.

When it comes to the remote control, it’s recommended to have one as it’s the best way to operate your home theater system. Nowadays, all systems come with unique remote controls so your remote will depend on the system you decide to buy.

Acoustic Treatments and Seating

While the need for acoustic treatments greatly varies depending on the type of your home theater room, you can go with either ceiling or wall acoustic treatments and furnishings to get the most out of your sound. When it comes to seating, it needs to be as cozy as it can be.

It all depends on the budget of course, but if you want to a fully immersive experience, consider buying one with reclining features and cup holders. Now, all that’s left is to set everything up, connect all the pieces, and enjoy your favorite source of entertainment.

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