The Most Common Types Of Accidents During Tree Removal

Trees do not provide only oxygen; they also purify the air, increase a property value, beautifying our surroundings and provide cool shade in peak summers. Trees need regular maintenance and pruning, trimming for their good health. However, when a tree is diseased, it needs to be cut down as it may cause human injuries and damage to nearby buildings. Many accidents may happen to the homeowner during pruning and trimming of a tree. Thus, it is ideal to get help from professional arborist Toronto. Some of the most common types of accidents during a tree removal are described under:

·        Being Struck

The Centers for Disease Control stated that being struck by a falling object is the most common tree cutting accident. In most cases, the objects like a limb or a tree branch may cause accidents.

·        Person Falls Down

This is the second common type of accident of a tree cutting. While cutting a tree, a person may fall off the roof or fall off a ladder. Thus, it is advised to hire an arborist Toronto as they are efficient in their work.

·        Cuts and wounds

The other type of injuries that might be received by a person is cut and wounds. Cuts are received when power cutting equipment such as chainsaws or manual tools such as a hacksaw is improperly used.

·        Electrocution

It is considered as the most dangerous accident during a tree removal as it can threaten to the person’s life. It usually happens when a person trims a tree near the power lines and accidentally touches the power lines. Beside it, a falling branch may knock the wires down and the tree trimmer may touch it accidentally.

·        Impact Injuries

When there is equipment failure while cutting down the tree like the breaking of a climbing rope or the malfunctioning of the lift mechanism causes great injuries to the tree trimmer.

·        Stings and Bites

A wide variety of animals and insects live in a tree. When a tree is being cut down, these insects get disturbed by human actions like cutting down the whole tree or cutting off tree branches. The insects like squirrels, raccoons and other insects may bite the tree trimmer and Bees or wasps with hives even may sting the person who is cutting down the tree. Moreover, Ants that are living in a tree may also sting or bite.

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