Dress up your Kitchen Furniture Without Breaking the Bank

You want one or more fresh, more modern kitchen furniture, but do not have the budget to offer them? This should not stop you: painting, handles, worktop, new kitchen doors, faucets. Some changes made to your kitchen furniture are enough to revive. Here are some thoughtful ideas to offer your new kitchen furniture, without spending a thousand cents.

Your kitchen furniture requires a facelift, but the idea of spending astronomical sums to offer them this facelift brakes. No worries, it is entirely possible to revamp your kitchen furniture without breaking the bank. We give you our tips. Draw without counting among their ideas; your kitchen will be able to find a new youth without you remain on the straw.

Dress up Your Kitchen Furniture with a Little Paint

The painting. It may be the most straightforward and most accessible solution. Some products apply directly to the furniture whatever the support. But first and foremost, both pro’s recommend washing the furniture with soda acid, white vinegar or acetone to remove the grease and make sure the paint adheres properly. Then, it should be lightly grained and finally apply the two layers of essential paint to a good result.

The procedure differs for oak furniture and polished furniture. To be sanded too much, the oak will release tannins and leave brown traces, unattractive. Better to use an undercoat. As for polished furniture, they can be repainted once the wax removed. But how to recognize wax and varnish? Nothing simpler, drop a drop of water on the piece of furniture in question then rub a blade of high-grade steel. If it is wax, it will get dirty, while if it is varnish it there will be dust. Finally, do not forget the interior of the kitchen furniture. It can be repainted in the same way.

Choosing the Right Colors During the Kitchen Makeovers

Classic, contemporary, industrial. Decorative styles are directly related to colors and materials. Preference to this one or that one is all personal. And it is sometimes challenging to dissociate one’s affinities for one or another genre and a popular favorite. When it comes to makeover, always look out for surplus building supplies, better not to miss. It would be a pity to get on the job, to start all over again four months later, because the style is outdated. White, light gray or medium pass everywhere. The black is prominent and the rendering beautiful. Powdered green, more and more present in kitchens, risks becoming a must-have.

Customize the Kitchen Furniture

The effect painting creates a more personal decor, think about it! You can make one of the doors of your furniture a blackboard unless you prefer to make it magnetic to stick to your collection of magnets.

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