The Luxe Bathroom: Our Bespoke Design Guide


The bathroom should be a room in which you escape your worries for some well-earned relaxation. In our eyes, this is the epitome of luxury – and in this post, we’ll explain some strategies wherein you can achieve this easily and on a reasonable budget, from the toilet to the bathroom walls and beyond.

Stunning showers


In terms of a luxury shower, modernity is key. The latest trends in shower technology are all geared towards maintaining a luxury feel – be it a built-in Bluetooth speaker, an opulent LED light show or a massage head, all of these can make a shower feel extra special.

A rainfall shower head is an emerging option to switch up the shower experience – there’s nothing like the cleansing power of this ersatz downpour to really make you feel relaxed – and this can be combined with a regular shower head to provide flexibility if all you want is a quick body wash.

A bespoke bath


Whiling away the hours in a warm bath, book in hand, is another luxury touch that can be enhanced with a few key design considerations brought on board. Consider swapping your bath taps for more vintage models that evoke the heyday of Victorian spa towns, or go for a more modern thermostatic option if your idea of luxury involves cutting-edge tech.

Upgrading the bathtub itself to include whirlpool jets is the epitome of this tech-focused overhaul. These jets can massage and soothe your muscles while you relax – and they can even be built into an existing tub if you’re not yet ready to get rid of a vintage item such as a Victorian-style claw-foot bath.

Scintillating sinks


The sink is an area that’s often overlooked when it comes to a luxury overhaul of a bathroom, which is a shame. There’s a whole lot that can be done with this area, from a luxe vanity mirror or bathroom cabinet framed with bright lights to an aesthetic overhaul that eschews ceramic in favour of luxury polished stone.

In terms of the taps, a particular favourite of ours has to be the waterfall tap – including a unique mechanism that adds a touch of luxury to what can otherwise be a fairly mundane item. The water flows out over the top of the tap, in a manner reminiscent of water pouring out of waiter’s carafe at a fancy restaurant.

The extra touches


The bathroom isn’t just about the utilities – there’s a whole lot of space ripe for luxe decoration, from the windows to the walls and beyond. A fresh coat of paint or some high-quality wallpaper on a feature wall can give the space a completely different feel, while a few houseplants can have the same effect at a lower price point.

For the ultimate in bathroom luxury, however, you should consider purchasing an underfloor heating system. Stepping out of the shower on a cold morning onto a warm floor is a glorious feeling – and you won’t have to sacrifice anything aesthetic-wise, as this kind of system is hidden away under the tiles.

Image: Pixabay


So, by following this design guide and injecting some of your own creativity into the mix, you’ll be relaxing in the luxury bathroom of your dreams in no time.

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