The home decor rules you mustn’t break

Rules were made to be broken right? Well, only some rules! There are others, however, that should be taken very seriously. Now and again we all need to follow guidelines and, while it can be tempting to unleash some creativity when designing your home, there are some home decor rules you should never mess with.

To make sure you don’t make any mistakes when decorating your home, here’s some fundamental rules to stick by.

Hang artwork at eye level

If you’ve got a blank wall and lots of artwork just waiting to be put up, resist the urge for a little while until you’ve done some prep work. A good rule of thumb is to make sure that your artwork is hung between 57 to 60 inches from the floor, around eye level. Then opt for either a uniform grid where the frames are all the same size, or with one focal piece surrounded by a variety of sizes.

Focus on the focal point

In any bedroom, the focal point will be the bed – automatically drawing the eye as you enter the room.  That means that while a good mattress, sheets, pillows and duvet are important, the frame plays a crucial role in the structure of the room. If you feel yours doesn’t quite do this, head over to Divan Beds Centre and purchase yourself a bed to make an impact and build your decor around this.

Varied light sources

If all of your lighting comes from one bright source in only one location, it can create a flat feeling. By placing multiple soft lights in a variety of locations it will enhance the ambience and create depth and warmth.

A properly scaled rug

If you haven’t already made this mistake, you might have seen it done many times. Rugs can be expensive and the bigger they get the more expensive they become. Sometimes you can fall in love with the most beautiful rug, thinking you can make it work, but often the reality is it’s too small. Our suggestion, do not buy it, no rug is better than a rug that is dwarfed by all of your furniture. Choose a rug that is big enough, so you existing furniture can fit on it.

No awkward curtain lengths

Having curtain levels that are too short or too long is the equivalent to dressing yourself in clothes that do not fit. Take your time to prep, measure and mark your rod placement beforehand so that there are no mistakes made here.

Colour palettes

You should make sure your space feels cohesive. You need to create a colour palette that fits with your home style and work it in evenly throughout a room to ensure that your space feels put together otherwise it will look completely mismatched and silly.

Colours and curtains, rugs and lights, focal points and artwork – abide by these rules and you can get creative with the rest of your decor.

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