The Difference a Good Pair of Sofa Legs Make

Are you the kind of person that likes to change things up in the living room – and across the rest of the house?

It’s understandable, things start to stagnate, you’d be surprised how much joy a new-look room could bring, making you happy to look at your home again. Whether you’ve been stuck indoors and desperately need a change, you dread returning home to the boring old décor or you fancy moving things around to see if Feng Shui really works. There are many ideas that can breathe new life into your house.

Taking Your Sofa to New Levels

Depending on the aesthetic you are after, there are lots of different types of sofa legs and feet to choose from. If you have a sofa that’s quite low or does not have any legs, just adding some feet may give it the literal boost you need.

A small change to the height of a sofa can make things more comfortable and improve your posture – depending on your height or tendency to slouch. Eye level to your television screen may also be important, especially for the gamers or films buffs out there.

You may even use your sofa like a much comfier, cosier office chair with a small desk pulled up towards you whilst working from home. We’ll talk about office set ups and desks again a bit later, but for makeshift offices, a little bit of DIY upholstery can improve the positioning of you and your laptop/computer (and give you a more flattering angle on video calls).

Different Types, Different Benefits

Sofa legs and feet can come in different heights and aesthetics. Modern subtle styles like wooden-finished square or bun shaped feet may be all you’re after. Or you may want to go full vintage with some regal Queen Anne legs, which can also be added to chairs and cabinets and can raise the height of your furniture considerably.

With longer sofa and furniture legs, you can have under storage space. If you’re tall, the higher furniture may prevent back aches from awkwardly bending down to pick things up off a cabinet all the time.

A taller sofa may even make it easier to get up from it and sit back down in it. If you’re older, have injuries or just prone to sinking into couch potato mode, sofa legs can be a healthy addition, making them decorative and functional.

Rearranging with Wheels

Playing house Tetris isn’t always easy, furniture is heavy. Moving a sofa across the room can end up being your gym workout for the day. Here’s a few suggestions that might make rearranging your home that bit easier, so you’ll still have some energy left by the end of the revamp.

With higher sofa legs, you’ll be able to get your hands underneath the sofa so you can move it around with ease. Much better than the back breaking, finger squashing risk that a low sofa brings, but that’s all down to preference

You could also consider sofa legs with small wheels also known as castors. These should make it easy to push your sofa around your room, adjusting it forwards so you’re not squinting at the television or backwards to make floor space for parties, dinner tables or a yoga session.

Castors for Home Offices

You can also purchase castors alone and not attached to any sort of leg, so you can put it on anything you need: chairs, tables, cabinets. Maybe you already have an office chair that you’re quite attached to, but the wheels aren’t in good shape anymore. You can simply repair or upgrade these wheels, purchasing brass castors if you want to feel fancy and executive in your VIP chair.

As remote working becomes ever popular, adding castors to desks and other furniture will make a versatile home office. Whether you work from the living room or have the space for a dedicated office room. With wheels you could even easily move around the furniture in your office, so that when it’s not in use as an office, it can be used for something else like a mini home gym for example.

One Small Step to Home Improvement

It might not have been something you’ve thought about before but as you can see, something as simple as sofa legs, feet, or castors can be a great addition to your home.

With some of these furniture accessories giving the added benefit of easier manoeuvrability, it’ll mean you won’t be shouting at your friends to “pivot” the sofa next time you invite them over for some home renovation help.

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