The Best Flooring For A Beach House

Everyone loves the beach and if you are looking to build your dream home on a coastal plot, there’s a lot to consider. One aspect of the build is flooring, which should be in keeping with the style of the home and while there are many materials that can be used for flooring, here are a few popular flooring choices for beachfront homes.

1. Hardwood – The natural choice for most property owners, there are quite a few hardwood species that are excellent for flooring. European Ash, Cypress Pine, Jarrah and Blackwood are all examples of premium hardware species. If you search with Google for a leading flooring supplier, you can browse the many species on their website. Visit the showroom to experience the material in a real-life setting. If there are no local species that appeal, you can select imported timber, which is of very high quality.

2. Engineered Timber – If you love the look and feel of hardwood, engineered flooring is for you. The core is made from compressed sawdust and glue, with an outer layer of real timber. This is much cheaper than solid hardwood. When installed professionally, no one would ever know the floor is not solid hardwood. There are as many designs as with real timber and the money you save can be used for other things.

3. Cork – What better material for a beachfront home flooring than natural cork? The best cork floor tiles for sale Perth or your nearby store is offering is the perfect solution and there is a wide range of designs and colours to choose from. Once a cork floor is sealed, it becomes waterproof and this soft and natural material can be harvested in a sustainable way. A professional installation is recommended in order to ensure a 5-star finish; the supplier has teams of installers who work with all types of flooring, including cork. Indeed, cork is the eco-friendly choice, as the material is harvested using a system that does not impact the growing process. Every 7 years is the typical time for harvesting cork from the trees; the supplier would have all the information regarding how cork is sustainably harvested.

4. Luxury Vinyl Tiles – These are all the rage and ideal for heavy traffic areas; finishes include timber-grain, stone and slate and this type of flooring will stand the test of time. When compared to hardwood, luxury vinyl is very affordable and suitable for wet rooms. How do they achieve such a stunning design? A hi-resolution digital image is embedded into the vinyl and then a protective layer is added. It is important that the substrate is correctly prepared and a backing might be required with vinyl. If you visit a flooring showroom, the staff are very experienced and can help you make the right choices.

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Image Source: Pexels

Of course, it is a personal preference and all of the above have their merits; cork is probably the most popular for coastal properties, as it is natural and offers a soft and silent walking experience.

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