The Benefits of Using The Hardwood as a Building Material

Hardwood is a historical and a popular choice as a building material. But in the past few years, there has been a significant drift in using hardwood as a building material.

Although the desire is not to rely so much on the world’s forests to meet the demands of the construction industry, it’s just that using hardwood as a building material has many benefits. That is why many still use it.

In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits of using hardwood in building houses and in constructing cabinets and furniture:

1. Hardwood is an exceptional insulator.

Some building and construction materials like steel are non-combustible. When exposed to heat, they expand, causing them to weaken and eventually collapse. Hardwood is the complete opposite. When heated, it dries. Others become even harder.

When used in a home, hardwood also prevents energy leakage. This material has a property that retains the warmth or the coolness of a property, so you need not spend much on cooling or heating.

2. Hardwood reduces the build time and allows bigger savings.

When compared to concrete, stone, or brick, constructing with hardwood saves so much time and brings about bigger savings in terms of labor. This is especially true during harsh weather conditions, such as snow, rain, or even storms, where wood construction can still continue without any problem.

3. Hardwood is environmentally-friendly.

These days, green is the trend. So, using hardwood is truly a good option. Houses made from hardwood are renewable and eco-friendly. They are also sustainable.

Here’s an interesting fact. About 0.8 tons of carbon emissions are saved in every cubic meter of hardwood used in any construction. Thus, if a house uses 20 cubic meters of hardwood, then 16 tons of carbon is saved.

Whether it’s just for the frame or the complete construction of a home, the use of hardwood really does have a positive impact on climate change.

4. Hardwood is light, durable, sturdy, and safe to use.

One of the many reasons why hardwood is still being used today is its durability, sturdiness, and safety. When compared to bricks, it can bend slightly. So, if the foundation shifts a bit, a home made from wood can swing or flex with the change instead of cracking.

5. Hardwood is aesthetically pleasing.

With more than hundreds of hardwood varieties to choose from, you can easily find one that suits your design or construction needs. Some hardwoods are perfect as insulators, while others have gorgeous grains, textures, appearances, and acoustics. They can also be painted in any color and can be varnished to bring out its natural finesse.

With all these benefits, you’ve probably made up your mind and decided to use hardwood in your home remodeling or renovation project. After all, this material is just so versatile that the only thing that may restrict you from using it is your imagination.

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