Ideas to design a basement ceiling

Everyone loves to improve the home décor and one of them is the basement. It is challenging to develop basement ceilings. It is mainly due to its low hanging feature and various obstacles like pipes or ductwork. Basement ceilings by snap clip provide functional ceilings which are inexpensive.

Over the years, lower level designing has become very popular. Thus, people are looking for more options to make their home look more spacious.

Here are some great ideas for designing the basement ceiling:

  1. Suspended Ceiling

Using metal frame suspended ceilings are created. Also, there are ceiling tiles fixed which hang down from the joists.  As metal frames are not that heavy, it gets installed easily.

You can install all by yourself if you have proper process knowledge to fix it. Apart from that, it allows the systematic ventilation feature as well as proper wiring. You just have to replace certain tile for accessibility. It covers up the flaws present in actual ceilings. There is no need to demolish the ceiling in case of repair. It is liked more because it is cheap and has a sound proof feature. At basement ceilings by snap clip, you will get suspended ceilings in different materials and colors. DIY your suspended ceiling at cost of somewhere around $2-$3 per sq. ft.

  1. Drywall Ceiling

Many times when people opt for remodelling their basement, drywall first comes in mind. If you want the ceiling to match with the look of the basement, drywall ceiling is mostly chosen. Drywall also helps in reducing the noise. Apart from that, fire resistant features are also available. However, the only drawback of drywall is that it has issues in accessing plumbing or wiring. Drywall is also very difficult to install in comparison to suspended tiles. However, to get a finished look this is a good choice. If you go with a pro like basement ceilings by snap clip, you can get it finished with great results. It may cost you somewhere around $2 per sq ft.

  1. Acoustic Ceiling Tiles

If you are looking for noise control feature, go with the acoustic ceiling tiles. They are widely used due to its noise blocking option. Acoustic ceiling tiles are installed through basement ceilings by snap clip and it is done in similar fashion as suspended ceilings. In grid form, the tiles are fixed. Just like suspended ceilings, these tiles are also easily accessible to different utilities like plumbing and ductwork.

Hence, to conclude, consult basement ceilings by snap clip to decide the appropriate one. Regardless of what kind of ceiling is best for your basement, it is essential to plan in advance.  For this, you can go through the above points and match it with your requirements.

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