Stretch fabric ceilings: No longer live in fear of asbestos in your popcorn ceilings

Popcorn ceilings were the trending style between 1950 and late 1980s in the US. If you peep into older homes in Michigan and the San Francisco Bay area, you will still find stucco ceilings in mainly white and off-white colors.

Tons of homes across the US still have popcorn ceilings because the owners were too reluctant to invest time and money to remove them. Additionally, many of these ceilings that predate the 1980s may contain asbestos. Since disturbing the ceiling can suspend the asbestos particles in the air, many homeowners don’t want to take the risk of DIY-ing their ceiling makeover. 

Does your popcorn ceiling harbor asbestos?

Asbestos is a potential carcinogen that has been responsible for causing mesothelioma in the US and Australia. Oncologists diagnose about 3000 cases of mesothelioma among US citizens per year. The professions of the most commonly diagnosed victims include firefighters, construction workers, manufacturer/factory workers, chemical refining workers, shipbuilders, military personnel, and power plant workers.

The odd homeowner with asbestos in his or her ceiling and insulation falls victim to mesothelioma now and then, but the chances of inhaling asbestos while living in a home that has asbestos in its ceiling and walls are not significantly high. The risk of living with asbestos is always real, and trying to remove it after watching DIY asbestos popcorn ceiling removal tutorials is neither smart nor safe. 

How can you mitigate the risk of asbestos in popcorn ceilings?

If you cannot locate reliable and budget-friendly asbestos removal and containment services in your area, you should think about a cost-efficient alternative. Popcorn Ceiling Solution has multiple concealing or enveloping solutions for homes with popcorn ceilings. The most popular among them is the stretch fabric ceiling. While popcorn ceilings are challenging to clean and maintain, these stretch fabric ceilings demand a wipe down from time-to-time.

Why should you opt for stretch fabric ceilings for your home?

Stretch fabric ceilings are the superheroes all homeowners with or without popcorn ceilings require right now. Here’s what stretch fabric ceilings can do for your home –

  • Brighten up the indoors with minimum effort. 
  • Transform the interior of a home in lesser than one-hour. 
  • Maintain its sheen and newness without the occasional paint job.
  • Never peel like old ceilings.
  • Conceal the unsightly wiring for the inset lights. 
  • Conceal the thinner pipes that might run across your ceiling.
  • Provide ample space between the existing ceiling and new stretch fabric for the installation of light fixtures.
  • Maintain indoor temperature with minimum energy expenses.
  • Bring your energy bill down significantly during summer and winter.
  • Secure the asbestos layer safely away from the residents.
  • Requires only 1” for installation.

Removing popcorn ceilings were always a bane for homeowners of the older homes. However, the old and dirty appearance of the stucco ceilings leaves no choice for the modern homeowner with a penchant for minimalist interior décor.

The wide range of prints and fabric qualities for your stretch ceilings make it possible to transform your old home into your dream castle. Whether you want 3-D-illusion digitally printed ceilings in all rooms or a touch of eclectic aesthetics; these customizable ceilings can make it happen.

Should you buy a new home with popcorn ceilings?

If you are currently looking at a property that has a popcorn ceiling, it might be wise to call in the experts for a professional opinion. When you have the option to choose between a non-popcorn ceiling and a popcorn ceiling, always go with the latter. However, if you love the property and there is no way to avoid the old stucco ceiling work, confirm with the experts about the absence of asbestos.

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They are a hassle

Always remember that removing popcorn ceilings is a hassle even when experts guarantee that there is no asbestos in it. The structure is unnaturally stubborn due to the durable material most of the older construction workers used. Complete removal of a stucco ceiling requires repeated spraying of water, gentle scraping and collecting the debris. Without enough experience, it is quite natural to make a mess. 

They might be hiding an ugly truth

Most importantly, when assessing properties that sport popcorn ceilings always remember that apart from the trend, homeowners and construction workers often used the popcorn style of ceilings to cover up subpar mudding jobs and bad quality drywalls. Therefore, after completing the daunting task of removing the popcorn texture, you might have to deal with a complete overhaul of the existing taping. There have been instances where new homeowners have had to tear down the entire drywall to get the right finish.

Your new home has a popcorn ceiling: How can you save yourself?

Before you can undertake the DIY ceiling removal and replacement project, you should consider popcorn ceiling solutions. The printed PVC or stretch fabric ceiling can not only save you days of back-breaking work, but it will also eliminate the necessity of the extensive cleanup that every popcorn ceiling removal, mudding and taping project demands. 

Why should you contact the professionals?

The experts can swoop in with the stretch fabric bearing motifs or prints of your choice, take necessary measurements and set up the tracks that will hold the ceiling in place for years to come. You can pick from an array of prints, 3D graphics designs, motifs and colors for your ceiling. These are resistant to natural light and artificial LEDs. Therefore, you can enjoy your personalized ceiling spreads for years without worrying the least bit.  

Contacting the professionals will not only save you time, but it will minimize the expenses in the long run. The professionals have the training and experience necessary for taking the measurements correctly before the installation. They can also ensure that you can explore a wide range of light fixture types and wiring options according to the gap between your actual ceiling and the stretch fabric. In the end, you will get a flush-looking ceiling that won’t even give away your dirty secret – the popcorn ceiling that lurks underneath. 

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