Stop! There Is No Need To Replace Your uPVC Windows, Paint Them Instead!

Over the years the exterior of your home will take a battering from the weather, and over time you will need to repaint your house, replace gutters, and even replace your windows and doors. The weather can age your uPVC windows and doors prematurely so that they can look old and dilapidated but be in perfect working order. If you do need to replace your windows and doors, then you can get some excellent advice on replacing these on the Which website, however, if you do not want to pay for new windows and doors if you possibly can, then read on below.

Painting uPVC Windows Instead Of Replacing Them

There once was a time that when the sun started to fade your uPVC windows and doors, the only thing that you could do wat to replace them. However, that is no longer the case as you now have the option to paint your uPVC windows and doors which will significantly prolong their lives, as well as save you a substantial amount of money. Once you have painted your doors or windows, it will be hard to tell that they are not new, and they will look as good as the day that they were first installed. You can see an example of a uPVC door that has been painted by clicking here.

Use A Professional Service

Although you could decide to paint your uPVC windows and doors yourself, it is not as straight forward as painting the living room or bedroom. There is a lot of preparation required to ensure that the job is done to a high quality which involves cleaning the windows and doors down to remove grease and dirt, as well as roughing the surface of the units to ensure that the paint adheres correctly. Although this is a relatively new service, there are many well established professional companies offering painting services such as Cheshire uPVC Coating, the leading uPVC painting company covering the entire UK.

Get Yourself A Quote

Before choosing a company to paint your uPVC windows and doors, you will first want to speak to as many companies as you can that offer this service so that you can get a few different quotes. Use the internet to search for companies offering this service and if they have a portfolio, have a look at their work. You will also want to check out their online reputation and see what their previous customers have to say about them. When you have drawn up a shortlist of potential companies of around five, you can then contact each one in turn and tell them your requirements so that they can give you a quote accordingly.

Choosing The Best uPVC Paint Spraying Company

When you have had all the quotes back, you can then sit down and work out which company is going to be best to paint your new windows and doors so that they look like they are new. You will need to weigh up certain factors such as the overall cost, the level of service that they have provided so far, the feedback that customers have left for them, and evidence of previous work they have completed. Choose a balanced approach and pick the company that ticks the most boxes for you, and that makes you feel comfortable. Once you have chosen, it will not be long before the outside of your home has a facelift and looks like you have had new windows and doors installed. If you want to transform the exterior of your home and increase its curb appeal, look at having your uPVC windows and doors painted and save up to 80% of the cost of replacing them!

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