Spring Gardening Ideas: Things To Do In May

May is a wonderful month for trying out new ideas in the garden, particularly with the tender bedding plants that start appearing now. Harden them off by placing them out during the day and protecting them from frost at night.

Colourful Containers

Front doors look so welcoming when there’s a container of colourful flowers for visitors to admire. Use a variety of bedding plants including geraniums, petunias and trailing lobelia to cascade over the rim. Try planting a collection of flowers in the same shades for an elegant display. For a shady spot, busy lizzies in a range of beautiful pink, red and white will create a stunning display throughout the summer months.

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Hanging Baskets

Get a head start by planting a hanging basket with new plants, then keep it in a frost free place to fill out a little before placing in the final position. Use trailing lobelia and silver leaved nepeta around the main body of the basket. Trailing geraniums will soon double in size and be reliable performers for the entire summer. Add some height with upright geraniums, French marigolds and snapdragons.

Create A Rockery

Even small gardens can find the room for a rockery where dainty alpines can feel at home. Place rugged medium sized rocks to create a terraced effect before filling the spaces with compost and grit. Then plant with dianthus, aubretia, campanula, sea thrift and the fleshy rosettes of houseleeks.

Make A Mini Pond

Ponds don’t have to be huge to benefit the local wildlife. A tiny pond created from a sturdy pond liner or a small container can provide a place for birds to drink and encourage frogs and toads that help to control slugs. Place smooth stones at one end to create a shallow area. Plant a dwarf water lily to shade the surface and add oxygenating weed to aerate the water.

Herb Garden Wheel

Make a circular bed in a sunny spot near the kitchen door for a selection of favourite herbs including thyme, sage and chives. Divide the bed into sections resembling the spokes of a wheel by using sticks or stones to create different mini beds for the herbs. Mint is a prolific plant that can overtake the whole display unless restricted or perhaps plant it in a separate container.

For even more ideas on how to create a beautiful display this summer and interested in garden nursery, check out the link – https://www.gardenclublondon.co.uk/.

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