Spark Fires Offers Continuing AIA Certifications and Education

For architects and interior designers, staying up-to-date on not only the latest industry trends but also continuing education is a part of staying at the top of the profession. Continuing education and enriching your knowledge of modern fireplace designs ensure that architects and interior designers remain at the fore of the industry. The Spark Fires modern fireplace designers have developed a one-credit class on the evolution of fireplaces. The AIA approved presentation will go over many different aspects of gas fireplace installation, and all participants will receive one credit for the completed course.

Their course offers information about the latest technologies, venting options safety testing, and more for indoor gas fireplaces and outdoor models. Participants will also learn about sustainability and fireplace certifications, NYC and CA restrictions and even tools and resources that are vital for architects and interior designers.  

A few past architects that have taken the course stated:

“It was clearly organized and complete with technical requirements and regulations, plus actual installation visuals  — all pertinent to the needs of the design professional planning a modern fire feature element.” – Sheryl

“We appreciated that the presentation stressed the importance of health and life safety as it relates to the history of fireplaces and how they have evolved over time.” – Cassie

The modern gas fireplace designers at Spark Fireshelp make creative designs come to life! For architects and interior designers, this course will better prepare you to make a more informed decision for which outdoor or indoor modern fireplaces are best suited for a particular space. You will learn about the wide variety of sophisticated and stylish designs that we often see in upscale hotels, restaurants, and homes across the U.S. The Spark Fire models continue to be the professional’s choice with their innovative features including freedom of location and a glowing, orange flame. It’s an architects dream to have the freedom you need to place a fireplace virtually anywhere you desire.

With a custom gas fireplace from Spark Fires, you can incorporate sophisticated modern designs while saving you money. Imagine how you can transform your indoor or outdoor space with the design and functionality of a contemporary gas fireplace. With an AIA certification course from Spark Fires, you can learn all about the evolution of fireplaces with a few insider tips!


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