Space-Saving Tips

Small spaces present unique décor and living challenges. However, you can still create an appealing environment with lots of hidden storage options, such as shelving in typically unused spaces. You can overcome tiny closets using innovative solutions and limited floor space with fun, foldable or dual-purpose furniture and foldable tables, chairs and beds, such as a murphy bed. You may also adopt other space-saving strategies, such as hanging things from the ceiling.


Storage space is vital, especially if you have children or live in a small home. Shelving may provide unique storage solutions in unused or unique areas. For example, you may build storage around the room near the top of your walls or above doors, especially if you have tall ceilings. Shelving that is built over radiators or under or as stairs provide unique, attractive storage options. Corner and floating shelves may also be installed in unused areas.

Tiny Closet

If your closet is small, inventive clothing storage options may be necessary. For example, you may install crown molding or pegs on the back of your closet door to expand your shoe rack. In addition, clothing racks or small wardrobes may be installed in the corners of your room.

Hang items that use up valuable floor space, such as hampers. You may place hooks on the sides or back of your closet or bedroom doors. Compact pants racks or s-hooks may be used to hang pants. Finally, store your small clothing items and accessories in hanging pots or fruit baskets.


If your guest room must double as an office or you live in a loft, consider unique bed solutions. For example, consider under-bed or in-headboard storage. You may also use shelving or a slat-wall as your headboard. Beds that can be hidden, folded up or used as seating areas are also preferable for smaller spaces. Beds may also be lifted using risers or lofted to provide additional storage and floor space.

Creative Furniture Options

You may choose storage that folds away, such as desks, tables and chairs. Choose furniture that doubles as storage, such as storage ottomans or suitcases and decorative boxes for nightstands or end tables. Consider using multi-purpose furniture, such as a nightstand that doubles as a desk. In addition, windowsills may be used for nightstands, shelving or desk space.

Other Space Savers

Bikes and other equipment may be suspended from the ceiling. In addition, floating or hanging tables or nightstands may increase floor space. Consider installing wall sconces or hanging light fixtures to free desk and nightstand space. Organizers that sit under the mattress and hang down on the sides and bottom of the bed may provide additional storage for books, slippers and electronics.

Small homes have unique challenges, but you can maximize your storage and floor space with a few unique furniture and décor ideas. For example, you may install shelving in otherwise unused spaces and overcome the challenges of a tiny closet with creative storage solutions. Choose beds and furniture that serve multiple purposes or can be folded up or lofted. You may also try other space-saving strategies, such as hanging things from the floor or walls.

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