Space Saving Tips When You Have a Small Bedroom

Sleeping in a cramped room can be very challenging. Having too much stuff and a lack of organizational skills can make it look crowded. If you are currently suffering from this kind of dilemma, do not worry anymore because there are a lot of ideas you can apply to make your room look spacious and comfortable. From installing bespoke wardrobes for additional storage to replacing some furniture, here are several hacks that you can use when renovating your bedroom.

Replace bulky bedroom furniture

If you have limited floor area, it is not recommended to invest in bulky furniture like side tables and heavy drawers. Instead, you can install hanging shelves that will serve as your storage space. You can also buy a smaller sized side table that does not take up a lot of space.

Let go of some stuff

Even if you have built-in cabinets for your things, you need to clear some excess stuff inside the bedroom. Anything that you have not used or worn for the last six months should find another owner. Do not hold on to that old pair of jeans hoping that you will be able to use them again soon.

Invest in a small clothing rack

Instead of going through your closet each morning, why not invest in a small and collapsible clothing rack. You can organize all the clothes that you will be wearing to work for the week and place them in one corner. Doing this will also save you a lot of time when preparing for work every morning.

Push your bed against the wall

If you have a tiny bedroom, it is essential to be creative by finding ways to save space. Positioning your bed in the corner will solve the problem. If you happen to have additional space under your bed, you can use it to store plastic boxes for your things. If you do not share your bedroom with anyone else you can opt to replace your bed with a smaller size just for you.

Install a folding desk inside your bedroom

Desks are essential furniture, especially if there is a need for you to work at home using your laptop. However, desks can be a disadvantage in small rooms because of the four legs. As an alternative you might want to consider installing a folding, hanging or retractable office table.

Hanging pocket organizers are lifesavers

Use your walls effectively by installing hooks for your hanging organizers. You can place all of your watches and hair clips into small plastic pockets to prevent from misplacing them. You can also do the same thing for small pieces of clothing like socks and underwear.

Lastly, do not forget to invest in practical accessories to make your tiny room look attractive regardless of its size. You can install mirrors, lighting fixtures, hanging shelves and add minimal artwork inside your bedroom. You can mix and match different design ideas to transform your bedroom into a unique space that you can call your own.

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