Smartest Options for the Best House Selling

Once we have decided to sell and have already made an assessment of the house at market price, we have to prepare it for visits. There is only one first impression and this is decisive and there is no possibility of obtaining it more than in the first visit. Preparing housing at each visit and to make a photographic report is essential. How should we do it?

Previous preparations

Fine tuning

If there are small visible defects it is time to repair them plugs and sconces, the hinge that does not close, stains in the paint, etc. A paint review can be the difference between selling or requesting a rebate. Windows, cranks, drawers, check everything.

Order and cleaning: It is obvious that the house must be immaculate. It is also necessary to collect personal belongings and photos. We are interested that the visitors do not feel that they are going to take the house away from another family, but quite the opposite. We want you to feel like in your new home. For the Fourtier Buyers Agency Adelaide these matters are important.

Bathroom and Kitchen: Clean collected and without odors.

Storage capacity

The more collected more space feeling. Cabinets and storage rooms must be ordered and cleared.

Light in abundance: We have to try to have the maximum natural light. If visits can be scheduled at the time of more light, the better, turn on the lights to have a general impression is not too much.

Small details of decoration: sometimes it is advisable to add some detail, plants, cushions, etc. In some cases, if the furniture is very deteriorated it is worth emptying the house and thinking about doing home staging.

And during visits, what do we do?

Plan the visits. I demand that visits be by appointment. The house has to be ready, and so are you.

Trust the real estate professional. Our recommendation is to leave the agent who attends the visit himself. The fewer the people who are present, the better the client will feel free to look and think if it is possible to leave the keys to the agent and not be present at the visit.


When the agent is teaching your home, turn down the volume or turn off radios and televisions.Stay on the sidelines. If you want to be present during the visit, it is better that you do it as a simple spectator. The commercial agent knows what the client is looking for and will highlight the best qualities of your home. Do not follow the entourage behind. Be courteous and friendly, but do not try to force a conversation with customers. In case of questions or doubts, the commercial agent will request the information.

Adjust the terms of the negotiation. The seller will be the one who talks about the price, terms and other factors with the client. Previously try to make clear what the margins of negotiation are so that neither the agent nor you will bring you surprises or misunderstandings arise. In any case it is better that you are not present.


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