Signs That You Should Replace Hardwood Floor

We can consider numerous reasons why hardwood is the perfect and popular choice for most household owners. They will increase the value of your home; provide you appealing appearance as well as exceptional durability that will stand the test of time.

Apart from that, you should remember that wood flooring requires occasional refinishing or replacement, so you have to know how to determine whether you should replace it or not.

We recommend you to check out engineered timber flooring installation guides that will help you do it with professional advice. Stay with us to learn more on signs that you should follow to determine whether you should replace your hardwood floor or not:

  1. If You Refinished It Numerous Times

When it comes to refinishing hardwood floors, you should have in mind that it is the best way to restore its appearance. It requires sanding away any imperfection with an idea to reach the new levels of beauty that will last much longer than before.

However, this particular process tends to thin the wood, and after a while, that will wear down the flooring and cause other issues such as exposing nails and many more.

Therefore, you should have in mind that wood floors should only be refinished between two and five times before replacement.

  1. Water Damage

If you have water or moisture damage to your floor, you should do something about it. The best way to handle it, because wood tends to rot and expand, which means that you have to replace everything altogether.

It is important to prepare yourself completely before replacing flooring by checking here for more information about wood as the best material possible.

As soon as it enters the floor, the water will cause wood to peel and buckle as well as making it unstable in some areas. Therefore, we recommend you to call an expert that will analyze what is going on so that you can find the perfect solution for your particular requirements.

  1. Design and Material Changes

It is trendy to use five or four inch wide planks instead of regular ones that feature 2-1/4-inches strips. Therefore, numerous household owners are choosing a diagonal design with an idea to make the illusion of ample space in small rooms.

In case you are tired of its design, and you wish to achieve more fashionable appearance, you should replace everything and install a new floor. At the same time, people tend to prefer oak planks for wood flooring all across the world.

However, you can choose other types of wood as well that will provide you different features as well as appearance. For instance, you can easily consider Brazilian cherry, maple, and bamboo woods that will give you a modern and unique look.

At the same time, we have to state that wood is an organic material that features life expectancy. Therefore, similarly to other natural materials. Eventually it will start to rot and decay.

That may cause aesthetical issues as well as structural ones because the floor will become saggy, bouncy, and soft, which are usually signs that you should replace it altogether.

Signs That You Should Refinish Hardwood Floor

Even though replacing a new floor is a perfect idea that will increase both aesthetical appeal and value of your home, in some cases, you will only need refinishing to make it look as new.

These are signs that you should refinish your floor as soon as possible:

  • Major Water Absorption and Scratches – If you have noticed a few scratches on your floor, that is not a problematic thing. However, after a while, you will see that the floor can reach the point of numerous scratches, which kill its appearance and value. It means that you should sand everything and refinish it so that you can completely erase surface blemishes and scratches while leaving behind a smooth surface that will stand the test of time. In case that some areas feature deep scratches or cracks, you have to replace those boards so that you can use floor efficiently.
  • Water Absorption and Warped Boards – The minor symptom that happens to your wooden floor after water and moisture damage is a separation of floorboards as well as the ability to flex and warp its sides. Therefore, you should consider refinishing, because that will improve its appearance and you do not have to pay an expensive price tag for replacement. By checking out this guide: you can learn how to protect hardwood floors from salt damage.
  • Color Fading and Change – In case you’ve noticed that floorboards are turning gray or changing colors, then you should refinish them to restore its natural beauty and brilliance. These are common signs that everything started to wear off completely. The discoloration comes due to extensive exposure to moisture, water, and other substances that are in contact with the floor, so you should do something as soon as possible before it reaches significant Have in mind that sunrays can also cause it to change color and fade away, which means that you should check out flooring near glass doors and windows before you make up your mind.
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