Backlit vs Illuminated Mirrors: What’s Right For You?


Gone are the days when homeowners and designers did not have a lot to choose from and regular mirrors were used in washrooms and living rooms. When people had extra money to spare in those days, interior designers used a richly carved wooden frame to hold the mirror.

But not anymore! The home décor industry has developed a lot, and every possible accessory that graces your home has undergone a sea change in look and functionality. With the designers being ready to experiment with different materials to come up with unique ideas to beautify your home, why should the options in mirrors be limited? A well-lit mirror gracing your bedroom or your washroom can serve as the focal point of that space, and change the entire appearance of the room.

Two of the major options that you have when choosing the mirrors for your rooms is to either opt for illuminated or backlit mirrors. There are pros and cons associated with both these styles, and it largely depends on your needs and priorities. But first, you need to know the features and benefits of both. So, mirror, mirror on the wall, which mirror is the one for you all? Let’s delve deeper into the matter.

Understanding LED mirrors and backlit

Thanks to the endeavours of designers and technicians, people have several mirror options to pick from. These will not only add character to your room but will illuminate the space as well. Say goodbye to poorly illuminated, regular mirrors, which made it difficult to do your make-up or get ready for any occasion. Here, you will know about two contenders, which are currently market-favourites.

LED mirrors are popularly known as illuminated mirrors. Tiny LED light bulbs are installed on the inside of the mirrors. When you switch it on, your room will be flooded with a soft and warm light. Apart from making the room very inviting, these LED mirrors will add a luxurious appearance. You can get LED mirrors, which are powered by batteries.

Backlit mirrors are similar to the LED mirrors, and are ideal if you desire identical effects but have a specific budget. The lights are mounted at the back of the mirror. Thus, the manufacturers can install the lights in different ways. Backlit glasses are commonly seen in restroom in restaurants and other public places. The soft light that emits from the back of these mirrors makes it easy for you to do your makeup.

Here, you will get in-depth knowledge about the benefits of these two types of mirrors. These perks will enable you to compare the positive and negative qualities, and you will be able to pick a mirror that meets your requirements.

Benefits of illuminated mirrors

  1. Great source of light– Bathrooms and living rooms already have some lighting fixtures, mounted on the walls. These illuminate the entire space. If you are looking for something that offers a classic and soft feel, then illuminated mirrors are an ideal pick. If you need to get ready quietly for that late night party, you need not switch on all the lights and wake everyone up. Just turn on the LED mirror and the entire space will light up.
  2. Available in different size- The best part of these unique mirrors are that you can find a size that is perfect for your room. Manufacturers can customize the size if you as per the room size.
  3. Do not fog-up– The glasses used to manufacture the LED mirrors, easily resist fog. So, you can take a long hot shower, and step in front of the mirror, without worrying about wiping off the mist.
  4. High-quality glass– The quality of the glass, used to make the LED mirrors is better than that of the backlit mirrors. These are hardy and will be able to resist significant pressure. Apart from this, you can clean these glasses easily and these last for many years.
  5. Offers storage space– Another advantage of the LED mirrors is that you can customize these. You can ask the carpenter to fix this mirror on a cabinet. So, you will get an additional storage counter in the bathroom. You can store soaps, shampoos, body oils and creams in the cupboard. When you close the cabinet door, you will have your bright mirror.

Benefits of backlit mirrors

  1. Nice to look at– The moment you enter a room that has backlit mirrors; you will have a feeling that you have entered a magical place. The light source is at the back of the mirror, and this creates a shadow effect. It is hard to deny that these mirrors look beautiful and add the charm of the restroom.
  2. Emits even intensity light– The LED mirrors have a particular pattern, but that is not the case with backlit mirrors. As the light source is evenly installed on at the back of the glass, you will get a uniform light. Uniform lighting fixtures illuminate any space better. Though these create a shadow on around the mirror, your face will be adequately lit.
  3. Power efficient– The illuminated mirrors have several small bulbs. It is evident that these bulbs will consume more energy. It will show up on the electricity bill. With the backlit mirrors, you can bid farewell to the hefty power bills. The backlit mirrors are not only cost-effective but will also save power.
  4. Easy installation– Another advantage of the backlit mirrors is that anyone can install these. You need not call the experts for this task. The installation does not require high-tech gadgets as well.
  5. Perfect for adding depth– When the light shines from the back of the mirror, casting a shadow on the wall, you will get a dramatic feel. The technique is perfect for adding the much-needed depth for the beautification of the restroom.

These points will help you to identify the style you want for your room. Make a list of your priorities. You must envision the style of your room. Pick the mirror that complements your design. Your guests will shower accolades on you for the refined décor sense.


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