Sharp Work for Long Distance Moving

If you are moving to another continent, you will have to choose between air transport and sea transport. Your belongings will then be packaged in metal containers or wooden trunks. The cost of transport by boat is known to be less expensive, but air transport times are much shorter.

Vehicle rental

If you are moving to the same continent, you may want to consider the option of renting a moving vehicle and arrange your international move yourself. The use of the long distance movers nyc is there now.

In this case, check that your driving license is valid in all the countries you will cross, and suitable for the vehicle you will be driving. Also prepare the various border crossings, find out about your route and take your time while driving.

Planning for one or more stops is probably best if the road is long. If you are planning one or more nights at the hotel during your trip, be sure to select one that offers secure parking to avoid any theft of merchandise.

  • If you are moving outside the European Union, you will need to have an international permit. You can request it from the prefecture where you live.
  • Price level you will find in the following article more information on the price of renting a moving truck.
  • If you are organizing your move yourself, it is best to hire your vehicle from an international rental agency. This will avoid paying heavy costs for the return of the vehicle.

Find an international moving service

In the case of an international move, your belongings are loaded by a local mover and unloaded by a partner in the destination country (or by the same company in the case of a company specializing in international removals).

The experienced movers are always a complete inventory and provide transportation for all your business with inventory systems and modern control.

Legislation for an international move

In view of the cumbersome administrative procedures, an international move must be prepared at least 3 months in advance.

In general, an international move will take:

  • 1 and a half to 2 months for Asia
  • 4 weeks for USA and Canada
  • 5 weeks for Africa
  • 8 weeks for Australia

Make sure that your visa is in order because removal companies may ask you for documents proving your right to enter the country (tourist visa, students, business, long stay). Of course, if you are European and your move does not cross the borders of the European Union, you will not need a visa. For more security, prefer a member company of AFDI.

The supporting documents to provide during an international move are generally as follows:

  • A declaration of value, for better compensation in the event of a problem
  • Moving insurance (make sure you have received your insurance certificate)
  • A removal consignment note, before loading (the general conditions of transport chosen)
  • A packing list: completed by the removal professional, it specifies the content of each of your boxes

Customs formalities for each destination

By going through an international moving agency, you will be supported for all the administrative procedures to be undertaken.