Clothes Dryer in Singapore Makes Laundry Job Easier

While dryer machines have made laundry job effortless and straightforward, modern clothes dryer in Singapore come with many handy features to make it more effortless. The digital control panel allows you to select features like; dryness level, temperature, fabric type, duration of the cycle. The control incorporated in the dryer is easy to operate, user friendly, and arranged chronologically. Sensors are inbuilt to detect the amount of moisture in the load and stop the operation when the clothes are dried. Some models come with auto dry cycles that will stop the machine when the desired level of dryness is achieved.

More features

Modern dryers come with a steam setting, which reduces crease and reduces odor from clothes. Some models features anti-crease cycle, which makes ironing easier or even avoidable. This is achieved by continuously tumbling the load until the machine is switched off. You can set the device manually for the desired length of time. Another function is the preset time when the device will start operating at the stipulated time. In the LED display, the reaming time will be exhibited, to complete the cycle. If the lint filter is dirty, the water level is low, or vent has blocked a buzzer will light up notifying about these issues.

Vented dryer

In the vented models, the damp air is exhausted from the drum through a pipe. You need to place this dryer, which is well ventilated. A vented dryer is the most economical one and the oldest model.

Condenser dryer

In a condenser dryer, there is a container inside the machine which collects the extra water. By condensing the steam into water, the clothes are dried. The portable container can be easily pulled out and emptied. Most models come with an indicator which notifies you, when the container is full.

Heat pump

This novel technology use hot air to extract dampness from clothes. These models are more expensive but energy efficient.

Sensor technology

Clothes dryer consumes a lot of energy to operate, manufacturers have tried to address this issue by creating sensors. The inbuilt sensors continually monitor the humidity level inside the machine and cease the operation when the desired level of dryness has been achieved. This feature saves a lot of time and resources.

Washer –dryer

Investing in both washing machines and clothes dryer may not be economical, and you may not have enough space for both. Washer-dryer serves both purposes in one device. This machine is a perfect laundry solution and makes your home more organized. The washer part works like the usual washing machine. The dryer part works like a heat pump tumbler dryer.

Maintenance and care

Before you put your clothes for tumble drying, check the care labels. If they warn you of machine drying the decrease the load and change the setting to cupboard drying for minimum wrinkle. Never overload the dryer and avoid drying bulky items like blankets and duvets. Stacking too much load can overheat the dryer, as there is not enough room for airflow. Clean the lint filters regularly for optimal performance. 

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