Rethink Your Door Hardware to Redefine Your Home

Even the best interior themes must be updated at some point. You may want a new look for your home, or probably some of the basic elements requires replacement. Have you ever wondered how doors and doors hardware impact the interiors of your home? In this post, we take a look at ways to update your doors and door furniture.

Painting the door hardware – pros and cons

If you have a naughty kid at home, it is likely that door hardware will lose sheen and shine sooner than expected. It may seem like an obvious idea to repaint the hardware, knobs and handles, but before you take the leap, we insist that you check the pros and cons. The first obvious advantage is you can save the cost of replacement, but on the flip side, painting door hardware isn’t the easiest job. All knobs, handles and parts must be removed, cleaned, and sanded. If there is any issue with the priming job, the final look will be botched. Secondly, the paint must be right and should be used in the right way, or else, it may flake off pretty soon.

Getting the special finishes with new knobs

If you want to replace door hardware, check some of the unique finishes like brushed gold or satin nickel. There are a bunch of choices when it comes to new-age and unique door hardware for modern homes, and by just changing the basic locks and handles, you can transform the entire door. While new products will cost more than repainting, it will last for years, and you don’t have to spend on maintenance. There are many online guides on cleaning and maintaining door hardware.

Spend on a luxury collection

If you have a better budget, check some of the luxury door handles and collections, which are likely to transform and redefine each of the rooms without any extra change. One of the best examples of the same is crystal interior door furniture collection, which has many choices that only big homes have, like Swarovski door handles. The idea is to minimize the costs, but for luxury homes, the priority is to get the design and theme right, for which a tad extra is worth paying.

Painting the door

Repainting the door is probably one of the basic ideas to transform the house, but do rethink the idea because it involves a lot of work. First things first, you have to remove all the necessary hardware, knobs and handles, so that your replacement products don’t get damaged. Secondly, you will have to remove the door, and while that may seem like a lot of work, it does help in getting a better look for the door and makes the painting job much easier.

Check design theory hardware now to find more on ways to improve home interiors, and if you are looking for replacement door furniture, make sure that you invest in something that’s meant to last. Spending on high-end hardware is always recommended as long as the budget permits.

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